Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who Gets a Car for Christmas?

Ever since I was a child, I always wondered, "Who actually gets a car for Christmas?" You see those commercials on TV with the beautiful homes all dolled up for Christmas, a car in the driveway with a big bow, and a handsome man guiding his wife out to a Christmas surprise and think, "Who really gets a car?" Rich people or something. Well, let me tell you. Little white girls, fighting through health conditions, trying to live an honest and respectable life, with amazing husbands bestowed upon them do!

Earlier in the year my poor Honda was involved in a hit and run. It was sad, but it was about time to get a new car anyway. I had just paid it off not long before so I was planning on waiting a bit to hunt down just the right car. Jeremiah knew this and so we never did any serious car shopping except to look and see what was out there, what I liked, and what we wanted to spend. It had even been months since we did that. Then one festive Saturday in December we had a Christmas party at my cousin's to attend. Jeremiah said he had some errands to run before, but that I couldn't come. I figured it was normal Christmas shopping. Well, as the party time drew near he still wasn't home. He texted and told me he'd meet me there and I told him I'd just ride with my mom so we didn't have two cars at the end of the night. Unbeknownst to me this was all working out perfectly. When we got to the party a few people asked where Jeremiah was even though they knew. This party was also an ugly Christmas sweater party so I had brough Jeremiah's shirt for him and left it in my mom's car. Luckily, when he got there my mom took him out to get it so I wouldn't see my new car parked in my cousin's driveway.  I guess a few people asked who's car was in the driveway, but I didn't hear anyone! I still had no clue! When it came time to start the gift exchange, I was number 3. I told jeremiah I was going to pick the smallest box because it would most likely be a gift card. When it was my turn I headed to the smallest package and Jeremiah told me, "I think there's a smaller one on the other side of the tree." So I looked where he pointed and saw a small box with my name on it. I was super confused. I felt like I was about to be proposed to, but I was already married. I opened the box and inside was a BMW FOB. Now I was really confused. My whole family was witnessing this and my mom started saying, "You got a car! You got a car." What? In the family gift exchange? I looked at Jeremiah who was smiling and everyone started yelling, "Go outside." So we go out and there in the driveway is the prettiest little BMW. Jeremiah looked at me and said, "That's yours." Talk about a surprise. Felt like a dream. I cried. My sister cried. Everyone was taking pictures. It was the most perfect special Christmas moment. I am blessed. And now I can answer the question, "Who actually gets a car for Christmas?" Well, sometimes patient and well loved wives do. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with Jeremiah.

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