Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hear hear to the New Year!

2013 was an eventful year. Full of many challenges and obstacles that were overcome and trips and fun and grown up decisions. We kicked 2013's butt and 2014 better be ready for some fun with the Atkins!

Here are a few of our unforgettable moments:

Indoor skydiving at iFly Seattle. Incredible

Hanford B Reactor Tour to learn the history of the nuclear reactor and where we live. 

Mothers Day trip to the Pendleton Underground Tour Comes to Life. Totally recommend! It's only once a year in the spring. So get your tickets early. 

A week in NYC. Complete with a stay in Times Square, Broadway shows, shopping, high rise views, and lady liberty. Unforgettable childhood dream achieved! 

First time camping trip at Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth. Okay, okay, it may have been in an RV, but after seeing everyone else struggling in their tents I'm more than glad we had the RV. 

Jeremiah getting a new job that allowed us to avoid a move to Greenville, SC (despite our loving it there, we love our family more). Such a God thing and we owe so much thanks to Him. 

A new honey of a bike for Angie. I really lucked out in the transportation department this year. 

Tried our hand at winning big at The Tri-Cities version of the Kentucky Derby at Sun Downs for the first time. 

Angie got her braces off after 2.5 years! 

First time trip with Jeremiah's family to the Pendleton Round Up

5 year wedding anniversary trip to the 49-ers vs. Seahawks opening home game and setting the first world record for loudest stadium at Century Link. 

Huge home improvements including new hard wood flooring, new trim, wall paint, and accessories to match. Here's to hoping it sells quick one day! 

Welcomed an iPad and Kindle Fire HDX to our technology family this year. 

A very big surprise Christmas gift - A new BMW for Angie! Sorry, ladies. Jeremiah is all mine. 

There were also some disappointments. I don't like to focus on the negative, but I am all about authenticity and real ness. Some of the things that broke our hearts this year were Angie's body not being healed and a few more food restrictions being added on (but praise to knowing more items to avoid), Angie losing her grandpa to lung cancer, some difficult family relationship dynamics, young people we truly care about making poor decisions, and of course the infamous tendon slice the night before Thanksgiving that resulted in a serious hand surgery for Mr. Atkins and continuing physical therapy. There goes all that hard core gaming for a while. Maybe that one is not so bad. ;)

Things we're looking forward to in the New Year:
A family trip to Disneyland with Angie's family in February, health and healing, our first family reunion in South Dakota as a married couple this Summer, hosting a Halloween party this Fall, growing closer to God through trials and triumphs, a possible Thanksgiving New York trip, and a trip to the beach... any beach will do. ;) 

How was everyone else's year? What were your highs and lows? What are you looking forward to? I pray the highs outweighed the lows and 2014 brings you all blessings and joy!

X, A!


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