Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bye Bye Winter... Hello Fun In The Sun!

The beginning of March has been a blast for the Atkins! What a way to end winter! Disney World, Greenville, SC and Atlanta! Since Jeremiah travels frequently to Greenville, and this was interfering with our plans for a winter vacation, we decided to go to Florida and take advantage of all the South has to offer! This also meant I (Angie) would actually get to see good old Greenville for a few days before heading home and letting my Jeremiah get to work. We are so thankful to God for this opportunity! It has allowed us a vacation and to be apart for less time. God is AMAZING ! Some of the highlights of our trip included:
- Getting a beautiful pearl from an oyster in Japan at the Showcase of The Worlds, EPCOT and buying candy from many of the countries as well. However, Turkish Delight = Not so delightful.
- Riding Test Track, Angie's favorite roller coaster!
- Seeing Illuminations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show and giant moving globe on the lake at EPCOT!
- Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios! I thought it would never stop shooting us up and down! Intense for sure!
- The integration of video games and rides at the Magic Kingdom on the Toy Story and Buzz Light Year rides! Jeremiah's fave!
- Angie hitting the 200,000 bonus point target on the Buzz Light Year ride! High score suckas!
- Riding Splash Mountain and Thunder Moutain at night and posing silly for the ride pictures.
- Jeremiah getting a crazy picture of Angie on Space Mountain with his iPhone!
- SpectroMagic! The COOLEST lighted parade I ever saw at the Magic Kingdom followed by an amazing fireworks display complete with a lighted up glowing Tinker Bell flying over the crowd from a zipline at the top of Cinderella's Castle! I knew something cool was to happen with that barely visible line I saw coming from the top!
- Extra magic hours at all parks means getting to parks early and staying til midnight at some! Best part of staying at a Disney Resort!
- Seeing the piano Uncle Jesse played at for Aunt Becky at the Grand Floridian! Too bad the Coral reef where they ate at was booked up solid and I didn't get to eat there... Guess I'll just have to come back!
- 60 and 70 degree sunny weather!
- Going on a safari at the Animal Kingdom and surviving the backwards Yeti coaster, Expedition Everest!
- Giant smoked Turkey legs! YUM!
- Seeing the world's largest aqaurium with the 2nd largest viewing window at the Georgia Aquarium!
- Petting a Sting Ray and Shark!
- Shopping at the best outlet mall outside Atlanta!
- Realizing how small Seattle really is after seeing Atlanta.
- Reedy River Falls in Greenville, SC. So pretty!
- Eating at Zaxby's (delicious wings), Longhorn, and Cracker Barrel. Not too mention all the delicious fried food I tried like hushpuppies and cajun fries!
- God's protection and safety for us as it was my first time flying alone and Jeremiah left for the trip with a tooth infection. What would we do without the Big Man upstairs?!
- Getting to spend a few days exploring Greenville with my hubby before I headed home and he stayed to work for 12 more days! Can't wait for March 26th!
The Tree Of Life at The Animal Kingdom
Germany at EPCOT

Tower Of Terror at Hollywood Studios
Cinderella's Castle at The Magic Kingdom

The monkeys at Animal Kingdom
Legoland Downtown Disney
Petting a sting ray and shark at the world's largest aquarium in Atlanta, GA
Reedy River and Falls in Greenville, SC