Monday, November 28, 2011

Disneyland Birthday

For my 28th birthday this year the hubs took me to Disneyland! There was a SharePoint conference being held in Anaheim, that Jeremiah was attending for work during my birthday week, so he decided to bring me along to celebrate my birthday at every child's dream location :)

Memorable Moments Include:

- Beignets! Beignets! Beignets! My new favorite delicatessen :)

- Jeremiah eating 1-2 Churros every day.

- The canoes.

- 90 degree weather!

- "World of Color" 3 course meal at Ariel's Grotto and reserved seating for the show.

- My free birthday pin.

- Favorites Rides: Indiana Jones and Haunted Mansion When 2 Holidays Collide featuring "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

- Riding the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters more times than we could count so I could try and beat Jeremiah's score like I did at Disney World!

- In-N-Out at 1am.

- My Mayor Mufaletta Sandwich that came in a coffin and using any chance I get to say Mayor Mufaletta still.


Birthday pin moment.

Romantic lunch.

Probably Churro # 8 or something.


Birthday dinner at Ariel's Grotto before "World of Color."

Haunted Mansion.

International Woman Of Mystery


Well folks, I did it! I went out of the country! Only took 27 years! Now, you may be thinking , "Big deal, it was only Canada." But for me it was bigger than "just Canada." It was a stepping stone to bigger places! I want to travel and experience the world! Some, more experienced travelers, are jaded to the excitement of  new places and even familiar once loved places. Unable to see the joy and beauty in all of God's creation anymore. But to me, everything thing is new and exciting! Call me inexperienced, but Canada was exciting and a big deal to me :)

We had planned to be at the coast with family for our 3rd wedding anniversary, but that fell through so we decided to put our passports to use and go to Canada instead! I honestly had questions that Jeremiah laughed at. What language do they speak? Are the outlets standard outlets? What way does the toilet flush? Will my cell phone work the same? Do they accept CAD and USD? I also made sure to know what they called the bathroom. The "washroom" or "restroom" was acceptable. I have to say, I was actually a little nervous.

Victoria, B.C. turned out to look much like Oregon, but was cleaner and prettier... and a little more British looking. I had read it is the most British of the cities in my pre-trip research.

Here are some of our memorable moments:

- Fireworks show at Buchart Gardens and hitting an older lady in the knee with my folding chair after Jeremiah warned me about my chair sticking out. So embarrassing!

- Where we were seated at "The Sticky Wicket" being turned in to a dance floor as we finished our dinner. Apparently, at 10 pm the bar becomes a dance floor. And every restaurant is a restaurant/pub/bar and they all serve baked mac and cheese and rave about fries! My kind of people!

- The AWESOME British Columbia Museum. The coolest museum I have ever been to.

- Seeing 2 IMAX films about whales and caves.

- Going to the vending machine every night to try new Canadian treats.

- Ali Baba Pizza. Enough said.

- Pepperoni Pizza Roll Up at Buchart Gardens. A concoction of cheesy Italian bread stuffed with cheese and a pepperoni stick. Simple, yet delicious. Enjoyed while waiting for the traffic at Buchart to clear out.

- Jeremiah telling border patrol he bought new underwear on the return home.

- Getting the 3rd degree from border patrol on our way into Canada. "Where are you going" How long have you been married" Where you staying" Do you have friends or family here?" I almost confessed to something... anything!

Thanks, Canada, for the memories! We'll be back ;)