Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wedding Bells

I never was the girl who planned her wedding from the time she was two. Even as I got older it seemed too mushy gushy to be preparing for a day, way off in the future, in hopes that prince charming would some day come. Not too mention, that what one likes when they are 16 isn't exactly the same thing they like when their 25. I'm not saying there weren't things I liked or disliked about weddings, but I always saw weddings as dramatic, boring, and never about their true meaning.

I also have to say, there were times I thought I might never get married, and if I did, I would probably run off somewhere exciting and do it. But somewhere in midst of planning my own 5 1/2 month long engagement, I really began to love everything about weddings. Picking colors, themes, invitations, food... it was all a little overwhelming at first, but I became addicted to finding ideas I loved and making them my own.

I also loved the control and creativity that came with planning my wedding. When I would see photos of beautifully decorated weddings, I couldn't help but think of how these weddings were a representation of each unique couple and what went into making the day all about them and their commitment to one another. I see weddings as the perfect opportunity to share your love and what all you're about as a couple with those who know and love you. Every detail tells your guests something about who you are together and I find that so special.

That brings me to today and my joy for planning events of all occasions! I see every event as an opportunity to share a little piece of yourself, your company, your child, your family...whatever or whoever you may be planning for... with those around you. And to me, life is all about relationships and creating memorable events enjoyed together can only make them sweeter!

Thanks for reading my first blog! Below are some pictures and ideas I had for my own wedding. Hope you enjoy!

This is a bench at our church's outdoor ampitheater where we were married. My husband's aunt tied on matching tulle bows and flowers to our chairs as well.

This is the ice cream cake we had at our wedding, made by Dairy Queen, and decorated by yours truly. Sorry, it's hard to see because it's fogged up in the freezer.

I made these signs for the chairs to match the invitations and programs. I tied them on with the same raffia I used to tie the programs together. The stickers were from Target and I used them on all our favor boxes as well.

This is the veil I designed and my aunt made. She makes fabulous veils! I cannot believe how much veils can cost out there.