Sunday, October 4, 2009

When It's Time To Say Good Bye For The Summer

Wow, I have not had a second to blog and probably should be doing other things right now, but a girl deserves a break right? Well, summer has sadly come to an end and I was not ready, as usual, but the beginning of fall offers lots of excitement that cannot be denied. Many things have occurred since my last blog that I have been wanting to blog about, so here it all is in a condensed version.

The end of summer brought the BFC Fair! I love the fair! I love the food, especially elephant ears with all their cinnamon and sugar goodness, wasting money on games, the ferris wheel, and the free concerts! This year was the best fair I have been to in a while. The day was great... half day of work, lunch at Zips, and then off to the fair with the hubby to meet up with friends and family to have some fun. We watched my cousins band Run From Cover play, I got to ride some rides with my nephew (those kids rides are crazy), and to top the night off I got to see Night Ranger play "Sister Christian." I must have been the loudest fan! This day was one of my summer highlights. Thanks God!

That same weekend was also mine and Jeremiah's first wedding anniversary. But with all the events occurring that weekend, i.e the fair and a friends wedding, we decided to celebrate the following weekend. So, the next weekend we went out to eat at Tagaris. We had been wanting to go forever and finally had the perfect reason. It was delicious, but personally get me some french fries and some chicken fries and I'm happy. Jeremiah did say it was the best steak he ever had, however. I still can't believe a whole year has passed and feel so blessed every day to be married to my sweet hubby!

A couple weeks into September my hubby found out he had to go to a training in Greenville, SC for 3 weeks. Major booooooo from me! Thank God for my family for keeping me company while my hubby was away. I had lots of fun going to the sausage fest with my angels, playing American Idol, and having girl nights while my hubby was away. But let me tell you, boy was I ready for him to come home last Friday!

Now that Jeremiah is home life and all it's busyness has resumed full force. We celebrated my birthday last weekend as well and had a blast! I was spoiled rotten and blessed beyond all I could ever deserve by my wonderful family! I received so many gift cards to go towards my first DSLR camera and am expecting to buy one this next weekend. I can't wait to start taking pictures! But for now we are finishing our kitchen floor and preparing for our Halloween, excuse me Harvest party, on October 31st. We have so much work to do this month, but I am excited to have a new marble tile kitchen floor and to get my oven back in the kitchen to start my fall baking! Although it's been a hectic start to fall, I feel so happy and blessed to have spent some wonderful and special time with my mom, sister, niece and nephew, my cousin and Trenton, and aunt and to have my hubby home safe and sound now. Alright, time to get to planning our Harvest party! Hope to see you all there!