Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Of Tri-Cities Eats

So often I hear people complain that there are not enough places to eat in the Tri-Cities. In response, I would like to say, "Maybe you should venture out past Columbia Center Blvd or off  G-Way," but I don't and usually just politely nod or recommend a place they should try. No, we are not New York City here, but there are so many places to eat in the TC's that people don't even know about or think to give a try. Ever go off the beaten path and try a little local eatery? Not all food must come from a major chain. Most of the best stuff comes from small local restaurants. Even big city people know that! So, before you complain that there is no where to eat in the TC's, do some investigating and get the boring chain restaurants out of your head. You may notice something you never did before!

Below is a list of some of my favorite places to eat and some that I still need to try. So, go somewhere new, get brave with your taste buds,  and look around to see what the Tri-Cities really has to offer. It may surprise you!

Fat Olive's
O'Henry's Go Go
Ice Harbor Brewing Company
Sage Port Grill
Stone Soup
Some Bagels
Chico's Tacos
Chinese Gardens
Mandarin House
Atomic Ale
Subs N Jean Sushi
Wing Stop
Sandstone Cafe
Brick House Pizza
Burger Ranch

*For a complete list of restaurants and their locations check out:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best Of The Tri-Cities

Aerial View Of The  Columbia River

As promised weeks ago, I am now starting my, "Best Of The Tri-Cities" posts. I originally was going to call it, "Tri-Cities Top 10s," but found I could easily come up with more than 10 items for each category I planned to cover. So, to start it all off I am going to give a shout out to all that makes the Tri-Cities great, in my eyes, and hope you agree with some part of it. Then we're off to explore some more fun categories of to-do's, eats, places, and, TC pleasures! Hope you enjoy!

Best of The Tri-Cities:

- 300+ days of sunshine a year
- 4 distinct seasons
- 4th largest city in the state (combining all 3); yet small enough to feel somewhat safe and keep traffic light
- It is flat and therefore, has less clouds and rain
- Our summer heat is dry, which helps keep it from feeling "Southern" hot
- We are on the map thanks to Hanford
- Close enough drive to the Pacific Ocean, Canada, and Idaho and Oregon (practically minutes away)
- The Columbia River provides for great boating and water sports
- Wine Country anyone?
- Beautiful green trees , brown hillsides, and blue waters surround us
- 2 people: K-Fed & Sara Palin... Okay, not so much to those last 2? Fine ;)

What do you love about the Tri-Cities? I know you can come up with something.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I Surrender... Almost

I have been fighting the urge so hard, even though I drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sip warm vanilla milk, look at all the pumpkin and leaf decor, and slowly inch my way into longer sleeved clothing and socks, I try to resist giving into fall until the calender says I must. It's really not that hard when it is still 80 degrees in the afternoon. However, the signs are in the air: crisp breezes, cool mornings and evenings, unstable weather systems causing rain and thunderstroms, and soon the leaves will change and begin to fall softly and beautifully to the ground. Okay, okay... Fall is not that bad, it's just that I am never ready for it and do not appreciate being cold! Especially, since our Summer was so slow to warm up. I am thankful though, because it really has been somewhat of an "Indian Summer" for us. But alas, in 3 days it will officially be Fall. And while it may not totally feel that way, with the 81 degree weather predicted for the weekend, I recognize that those days are getting fewer and farther in between. I suppose it's time I get geared up and ready to put out my pumpkin candles and leaf candy dish (okay, that is already out), and welcome another beautiful season!

The scent of pumpkin, football games, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween candy and costumes, baking Fall treats, carving pumpkins, cozy sweaters, the beautiful colors on the trees... what is your favorite part of Fall?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast

As the end of summer draws near, and I desperately cling to every last ray of sunshine and heat until I am forced to give into Fall, I'd like to send Summer off in a glorious recap of all that God has blessed me with the last few months:
- Trip to Couer D'Alene for my mom's birthday
- Cool Desert Nights and classic car parades with my hubby
- 4th of July at my sister's and watching Fireworks just me, my sis, and nephew Eli
- My niece Harper's tea party themed first birthday and staying up late decorating with my sis, Dee Dee, and mom
- Watching Eli play his first soccer games
- Art In The Park
- Taking boat race pics with my hubby
- Jeremiah's birthday dinner with both of our families
- Portland trip to hike at Multnomah falls, shop, and visit a friend
- Hawaii for sister-in-laws wedding
- Earth, Wind, and Fire concert at Chateau Ste. Michelle with my mom and good friend Dee Dee
- Hubby going to Greenville (on our 2nd anniversary) and staying at my mom's for 2 weeks. Thanks mom!
- 2 year anniversary and being spoiled with a beautful gift from Tiffany
- Mariner's Game
- BBQ's, sunbathing, Frappucinos, free Limeades, biking to my mom's, taking my hubby on long evening walks to Safeway and John Dam Plaza, sitting pool side with my niece and nephew, and warm nights with the windows open and staying up too late :-)

Farewell beloved Summer, see you next year! I hate good byes...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Anyone ever get good advice that you agree with, but then goes sour when the person reminds you of this advice nearly every time you talk to them (as if you didn't understand it the first time)? Yeah, makes me want to rebel against every last bit of the advice, even though I agreed with it.

Well, lately the offending advice has revolved around my job, finances, and schooling. Yes, I am searching for a new job, yes I have student loans, yes I consider going back to school for a degree in something completely different than Psychology. But no, I do not want you calling me every time you see a job you think I should apply for, no I do not want a 2nd job to pay off my student loans faster, and no I do not want you pressuring me to go back to school for 2-3 more years and take out more student loans in hopes of making more money to then pay off all of these loans.

All of the above are personal decisions and advice can be useful , but it can quickly turn into nagging, especially when you do not have experience with the above, but want to tell me how to handle these things every time we talk. In all honesty, it hurts my feeling and makes me feel like I am not able to handle these decisions or that how I am currently handling these things is wrong. Right now I have a good job that I like, I am paying my student loans off (and have one paid off already) and as far as school goes, I will figure out if it's right for me. What's wrong with all that? Even if I didn't get a new job, didn't have any loans paid off or paid down, and never went back to school it would be okay. Not that I want that, but I am not doing so badly that I need to nagged. I have a husband, a home, family, hobbies, and a relationship with someone who will hold me in His hand every step I take. Those things are my priorities. I do not want a job, money, or school to come between any of that. Maybe people should take a look at their life priorities before they tell me mine. I have things pretty good... the opportunities I choose to take are just icing on the cake.