Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Of Tri-Cities Eats

So often I hear people complain that there are not enough places to eat in the Tri-Cities. In response, I would like to say, "Maybe you should venture out past Columbia Center Blvd or off  G-Way," but I don't and usually just politely nod or recommend a place they should try. No, we are not New York City here, but there are so many places to eat in the TC's that people don't even know about or think to give a try. Ever go off the beaten path and try a little local eatery? Not all food must come from a major chain. Most of the best stuff comes from small local restaurants. Even big city people know that! So, before you complain that there is no where to eat in the TC's, do some investigating and get the boring chain restaurants out of your head. You may notice something you never did before!

Below is a list of some of my favorite places to eat and some that I still need to try. So, go somewhere new, get brave with your taste buds,  and look around to see what the Tri-Cities really has to offer. It may surprise you!

Fat Olive's
O'Henry's Go Go
Ice Harbor Brewing Company
Sage Port Grill
Stone Soup
Some Bagels
Chico's Tacos
Chinese Gardens
Mandarin House
Atomic Ale
Subs N Jean Sushi
Wing Stop
Sandstone Cafe
Brick House Pizza
Burger Ranch

*For a complete list of restaurants and their locations check out:

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