Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast

As the end of summer draws near, and I desperately cling to every last ray of sunshine and heat until I am forced to give into Fall, I'd like to send Summer off in a glorious recap of all that God has blessed me with the last few months:
- Trip to Couer D'Alene for my mom's birthday
- Cool Desert Nights and classic car parades with my hubby
- 4th of July at my sister's and watching Fireworks just me, my sis, and nephew Eli
- My niece Harper's tea party themed first birthday and staying up late decorating with my sis, Dee Dee, and mom
- Watching Eli play his first soccer games
- Art In The Park
- Taking boat race pics with my hubby
- Jeremiah's birthday dinner with both of our families
- Portland trip to hike at Multnomah falls, shop, and visit a friend
- Hawaii for sister-in-laws wedding
- Earth, Wind, and Fire concert at Chateau Ste. Michelle with my mom and good friend Dee Dee
- Hubby going to Greenville (on our 2nd anniversary) and staying at my mom's for 2 weeks. Thanks mom!
- 2 year anniversary and being spoiled with a beautful gift from Tiffany
- Mariner's Game
- BBQ's, sunbathing, Frappucinos, free Limeades, biking to my mom's, taking my hubby on long evening walks to Safeway and John Dam Plaza, sitting pool side with my niece and nephew, and warm nights with the windows open and staying up too late :-)

Farewell beloved Summer, see you next year! I hate good byes...

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