Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Must-Do Summer

It's officially Summer! My favorite season. It's also the longest day of the year! Maybe only by a second or so, but I still celebrate the extra daylight and the joy of sitting outside at 9:30 p.m. and still being able to see sunlight. Makes time seem to go a little slower. And can't we all appreciate that? For the first day of summer I have compiled a list of the best "Summer Must-Do's" that you shouldn't miss out on! What will you be up to this Summer?

Cool Desert Nights -

Blueberry Daze Festival -

Fourth of July Festivities-

Miss Tri-Cities Pageant -

Waterfollies Talent Show -

Free Fries Fryday -

 The Art Show at Howard Amon -

Boat Races -

 The Farmer's Market -

Dust Devils Games -

A Few More Summer Must-Do's:

Hit Up Country Mercantile For Lunch, Dessert, and More!

Bike Rides or Walks Along The Columbia

Hiking Badger

Boating or Floating The River

Eating Outside At Any and All Restaurants You Can

Slurpees From The Slurpee Capitol Of The World In Our Very Own Kennewick

Slip n' Slides, BBQ's, Laying Out, Gardening, Milk Shakes and Ice Cream, Iced Tea and Lemonade... Go Summer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Few Favorites For Friday

Favorite new cereal! Pick it up at Fred Meyer. Now! It has so many marshmallows in it and is surely chocked full of so much sugar you could get an instant cavity. But at least it's fortified ;) Your kids will love it too! I mainly eat it as a snack so that's got to be better than for breakfast...

Reebok Runtones are my favorite tennis shoes to date. I bought them at the end of last summer and got to do a little running in them before it got too cold. They are comfortable and ventilated so your feet don't get hot. The first time I ran in them I felt like I could run longer and my calves could instantly feel the work out. Now that the weather is warmer, I brought them back out and even wore them to the 6 mile March of Dimes walk. I could definitely feel my legs working more... but I was not nearly as sore; nor were my feet in as much pain as previous walks. That was the test that convinced me this shoe is a winner and I must share! Bonus: They are not HALF as ugly as the Sketchers! You can even get the Reebok Easy Tone if you're not a runner. I recommend this shoe... stay away from Sketchers. For real. Don't listen to Kim Kardashian.

Chukar Cherries Honey Pecans! Bonus: Supporting a local company with its headquarters located in Prosser, WA! Love this! Tried these little gems about a year ago and am so addicted to them. Good thing they are not sold at grocery stores. I love all the Chukar Cherry treats, but these are my favs! Pecans sweet as honey, dipped in creamy milk chocolate, and dusted with powdered sugar! Oh my mouth! My niece loves them too and is only 1 1/2 years old. They are worth the $12! Order them online here or find somewhere they are sold! You don't want to miss out on these sweet babies!

Great Jeans

After much deliberation (5 years worth), I have come to the conclusion that 7 For All Mankind jeans really are the best premium denim money can buy.

My journey into premium denim began about 5 years ago when I purchased my first ridiculously over priced pair of Paige jeans. They fit like a glove and were so cute with their little leather strip by the pocket that I had to splurge. The quality was great too! I only recently retired them last year, due to the frequency of wear tearing a hole in the butt (mostly due to my bad habit of pulling on the belt loops). I do have to admit I regretted the decision at first, as everyone thought I was crazy for paying the price I did, but I loved these jeans and definitely got my monies worth in wear.

Before my Paiges came along, I was a Buckle or Macy's jeans type girl (note: The Tri-Citie's Macy's does not sell 7s or other "premium" denim brands). While I do like the fit of the BKE Star denim, my Paige jeans made me feel so... grown up! I made the decision to buy the jeans at this price with my hard earned college graduate money and it was quite empowering and confidence boosting. Now the forbidden fruit had been tasted and I wanted more.

A couple years later I bought my first pair of 7s. The softest most crack concealing pair of jeans I have EVER owned! I still wear them all the time and everyone always compliments me on the look and softness of my 7 Dojos. Later on, I decided to purchase a pair of True Religions. Verdict: Cute, but no 7s or Paiges. So, I bought another pair of 7s. I tried on a pair of Hudsons this year and bought them, but they are still no 7s. I swear they weren't the same jeans after I bought and washed them. While I am always trying on other brands, I keep coming back to the 7s.  I haven't purchased another pair of Paiges though and think I am about due ;)

While I know it seems ridiculous to spend a high dollar amount on a pair of jeans, you have no idea what it's like to be short and have everything fit wrong and find a jean that finally feels right. I will add, I am still a Buckle jeans girl and love the quality for the price. They are probably my second fave pair of jeans I own. Furthermore, if you shop for jeans through 6pm, Zappos, or even through the designer websites you can get great deals on premium denim. The 7 website has some great sales! I also shop The Rack when I am out of town and purchased my Hudsons there. You can save over $100 shopping this way. While It may seem stupid, and I totally see how you may think that, it's the little things that make a difference. A good pair of jeans is a little thing that helps me feel excited to get dressed for the day and makes me feel worthwhile, in an odd way. Maybe it's my insecurities talking, but hey at least I'll admit it. One day I may retire from the premium denim, but I sure hope not. It's kind of like a hobby to me and rather exhilarating finding the right pair of jeans. I might just be the crazy person who puts my baby in them too. Ye be warned ;)