Monday, June 22, 2009

Hmmm... Sweets or Photos

So, I am at a crossroads where I am trying to decide between picking up photography as a hobby or cake decorating? I would love to start a little business and need to start practicing my trade of choice. I think I'll start with cake decorating, since I already have a lot of supplies and it's cheaper, and I do not own a professional type camera. But I am saving up for one... so if anyone has any suggestions or advice shoot it my way! I would love to add this service to my event planning endeavors, or just go this route for now. As, many already know, the unit I work on is shutting down and I have not been thrilled about be pushed into another unit, therefore I am taking this time to evaluate my options and push myself forward into other adventures and skills. Wish me the best!

p.s. I'll post a few cakes I have made already soon! I have always been a baker :)