Monday, June 28, 2010

Needle to the Nose?

Lately, I have been considering getting my nose pierced. I always joke about getting another tattoo, but seriously I am done with permanent pictures on my body. So, that leaves piercings. I already have several holes in my ears, had my belly button and tongue pierced, and always thought about the nose, but never went for it. I always liked how it looked on others, but hated my nose so I never wanted to draw attention to it with a sparkly jewel. Well, I guess I am over that because lately I want it pierced. This isn't some sort teenage fad and wanting to be cool or fit in because, obviously I am not a teenager, and I don't really see too many nose piercings around. Especially not among people my age. Maybe everyone just took them out because they used to be popular among my age group. Anyway, maybe this is a quarter-life crisis or I am just bored. I don't want to make a rash decision or look like a fool, so I am thinking about it and heading advice. So, if you have any advice or opinions on a 25+ year old getting a nose ring give me your two cents!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out Of My Element

Tonight I went to watch my cousin's band, Run From Cover, play at Jacksons in RichlandJacksons is a sports bar/restaurant, for those of you who may not know, and they frequently have bands play outside on the weekends during summer. I typically don't go, but since it was "Cool Desert Nights" and my cousin was playing, Jeremiah and I went.

We first ate inside the restaurant with my younger cousins, until they got kicked out after 9, and then went outside for the show. We had a great time and my cousin did awesome as always, but something never feels right at these kinds of places anymore. I used to want to be out having fun and wherever the crowd was. I assumed that's where all the exciting and fun things happened. Well, years of going to clubs/bars proved very quickly that not many "exciting" nor "fun" things happen at these places. It's the same old game at each place, every time. Drunk people doing what drunk people do and acting in ways that no one wishes their child would act when they grow up. Don't get me wrong... I laughed out loud at the older drunk cowboy dancing with his lady and the drunk girl attempting to do a sexy dance for a boy who then fell, but inside I felt really sad for them and guilty for laughing. I guess that's why I feel so awkward and out of place now.

Looking back on my times spent at party-like environments, I realize all of us are looking for meaning, value, and fulfillment in our lives. Especially, high school and college age kids. One can only get so much out of alcohol and partying before they either become tired of it and long for more or get absorbed into the lifestyle and end up as many of the older drunk people I saw tonight... worn out, used up, and desperate. It seems for those who never find more meaning or fulfillment to their lives, that numbing themselves with alcohol, cigarettes, partying, and whatever else is the best option... and it sounds awful, but I agree! No one wants to go through life searching for meaning, value, and fulfillment to turn up empty handed and feeling worse than before. How depressing and hopeless. Booze and wild times can temporarily fill that void. But watch out! Because when it wears off, you will only feel worse and need more and more of whatever was filling the void.

I know many people see partying and the things I am talking about as innocent fun and I used to too. I was just shocked to see what I thought was fun and assumed would still be fun, to be more eye opening and sad to watch from the outside. I find so much more value and fulfillment sitting at home with Slurpees and candy, as I am right now, and hanging with the hubs, or playing in a sprinkler with my niece and nephew, or in Sunday lunch with my in-laws. Part of it is due to growing up and part of it is what I have found in God. What you're searching for is out there friends, you just gotta start looking in new places. But no matter what you find, I hope you find fulfillment in things of peace and goodness and things you will remember... things that will build you up and not leave you feeling unsatisfied, lonely, or ashamed.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Heat Is On!

Finally, it feels how Summer should feel! What a strange season we have had. I know technically the 21st was the first day of Summer, but here in the Tri-Cities the Summer weather starts long before that. We should have had 80 degree temps back in May, but no I was wearing long sleeves and a light jacket up until last week! We did have an occasional 80 degree day here and there, but then a 60 degree day followed. That is not normal! We have been 10 to even 20 degrees below our normal average temperature around here the past couple months and I am so glad to see nothing but 80+ degree temps predicted from here on out! I still feel shaky about trusting the warmth and am disappointed in this cities treatment of its biggest defender (when everyone else complains about the heat and "boring" Tri-cities, I set those self-indulgent fools straight), but I think we are safe now (knock on wood)!

Happy Summer! Don't forget the sunscreen :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I am having great time celebrating Father's Day with my father-in-law and family this year, but the one thing missing is my own dad. He moved away about 6 years ago for work and I have seen him twice in that time. Once for my sister's wedding and then for mine. It's weird not seeing someone who raised you and had a good relationship with you more often. That being said, you might be wondering why we don't see each other more often? Usually, it's money related. My dad cannot afford to come visit often and I have not had a good chance to go visit him. He has moved from Arizona to Oklahoma over the last few years and usually has a roommate that makes staying with him not an option. Now that I am married and more grown up financially, life is so busy and lining up a trip to go see him is tough. I guess the longer he is gone, the more used to not seeing him I am, and him me, that neither one of us has sacrificed time or money to visit.

This makes me sad. My dad has met my nephew once and never met my niece. I could go on and on about why no one makes more of an effort to see one another, but in the end I take my fair share of the responsibility. I do have to say that it hurts my feelings that my dad has not made more of an effort to see me and that he chose to move away for a job he is no longer with. Honestly, sometimes I feel like it should be him to make the trip up here. It has been his decision to stay down there and he knows the extra effort and money it would take, especially my sister and her family, to visit him. I guess my heart is just sad to see a relationship that was good between my dad and I become what it has. And even more so that he doesn't know me, my sister, or our families better.

There is so much more to all of this than I can write here, so you may assume I am a bad daughter for not just going down there... and I am okay with that. I wrote what I was comfortable sharing and know people may not understand how this has happened. But to those of you who do have your fathers with you to celebrate this day... enjoy and cherish your time! A father has big role in one's life that I believe continues on even after you're all grown up! So, whether you're a father and/or celebrating with yours, be good to one another and don't take your time together or relationship for granted.

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The "D" Word

Lately, every time I turn around it seems like someone is getting divorced. From high school sweethearts and couples who have been together 40 years, to friends as newly married as I am. Didn't we learn anything from our parents?! Now some of these couples rushed into marriage and some are not Christians with the emphasis of God in the middle of it all, but the most shocking (although I now realize they shouldn't be) are Christians who dated at least a year and sought God in their decision to marry. How scary!

I know marriage is hard work and I was just as shocked as the next person when I moved in with my husband and saw all the things there still were to learn about each other... but to me that's kind of fun! On the same token, I also know every marriage has it's ups and downs and sometimes the downs seem really low, but when I said "I do" and "for better or for worse" I meant it. Too many people take their marriage vows lightly and are far more loyal to themselves than their spouse or even God! I am aware of situations in which a marriage is unhealthy and divorce is almost the only option left, but when you haven't even been married but a few years and are divorcing, I find it hard to believe that you have sincerely and selflessly tried to save your marriage. Especially, taking into account how long some couples were together before they got married. What marriage changed is beyond me.

I know I don't see into everyones' marriage and homes, but I believe marriage is worth fighting for and if you are a Christian you are even more accountable to that belief. This divorce epidemic, especially among young newly marrieds, breaks my heart. I cannot believe that at the rate people my age are divorcing, that all of these couples truly had grounds for divorce. This is really disturbing to me! When we went into premarital counseling we agreed the "D" word would not enter our vocabulary, just as an extra safe guard from this pervasive occurrence. No one is immune from the "D" word and I pray no matter how rough it gets, I will always seek God and do whatever it takes to save my marriage. I know it's worth it! So, please friends! Seek help, seek God, seek humility and forgiveness, and above all: Don't think anyone is immune from the "D" word.

I loved this quote by Max Lucado and think it's worth thinking about:
"You signed on for better or for worse; if you can love the worst, things will get better."

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Mini Vacay of the Summer!

This past weekend sure was fun! We celebrated my mom's, let's say 25th birthday, with a party on Friday and a trip to Coeur D'Alene. We have been to CDA many times in the past and this year we had a blast going with our hubby's and my niece and nephew to celebrate my mom's birthday!

On Friday night we hosted a small birthday gathering with pizza, cake, ice cream, and more to start the celebration off right! Then Saturday morning we headed up to stay the night in CDA. The weather turned out great Saturday, which was perfect for the boat ride, and my face definitely got some sun! Upon arriving, we ate some lunch downtown and then went on our cruise. My niece and nephew loved it and my nephew went up and down  the stairs to get all the best views. The lake cruise consists of a scenic 90 minute tour of the lake's northern bays where you learn about the lake, see some wildlife, beautiful secluded lake homes, and the world's only floating golf green. I definitely recommend it! Only Warning: When looking over the side of the boat and you smell something funky, it is poop. They dump the pottys right there into the beautiful lake! Saw it with my own eyes, folks.

After our cruise, we let the kiddos play in the fountain and stream that connects to the lake and walked around the beach and park. I had hoped to ride what I call the "Barbie Bikes" (water bicycles with large floating wheels that you peddle around on the lake), but the rental shop was cloesd on Saturday and on Sunday it rained. Next year, rain or shine I am on those bikes! We also walked around all the shops downtown and had lots of fun in the toy shop. Jeremiah even found a hand pump rocket that we shot off in the park later. Gotta love big kids :)

That night we ate at my fav, Chili's, got dessert to go and headed back to the hotel to chill, play, and get some rest before our next day of fun! The next morning after a breakfast called the "Tremendous Twelve," we headed off to Cabela's to reward our hubby's for all the girliness they endured. I was pleasently surprsed by Cabela's. It had a country store, a mountain complete with wildlife scenery, a large aqaurium, and a shooting range similar to Disney World's! Our hubby's even found some things they needed. Success!

Next up was River Front Park and some shopping. The first shopping destination: Macy's secret sixth floor clearance sale that only Jeremiah knew about. How I did not know about it is a mystery to me too people. After shopping we were hungry and ended up at good ol' Cyrus O'Leary's. Eli loved the leprachaun doing tricks on the trapeze, while the rest of us were a little creepd out by it, and sure gave us some good laughs ordering his own drinks and asking the waiters for flags and balloons. Somehow I refrained from ordering my most favorite Kahlua Pie and am now craving it. Jeremiah knew better than to let me walk out of there without it ;) We ended our River Front Park excursion with a ride on the old carouse and Jeremiah didn't even have to be coaxed to go on it! He even made it into the circle on the horse with the rings you grab and toss setting off all the bells and whistles. Take that kids!

The most important part of the trip, however, was that my mom had fun and got to relax and play with her grandbabies and spend quality time with us all. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back next year! Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!