Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I am having great time celebrating Father's Day with my father-in-law and family this year, but the one thing missing is my own dad. He moved away about 6 years ago for work and I have seen him twice in that time. Once for my sister's wedding and then for mine. It's weird not seeing someone who raised you and had a good relationship with you more often. That being said, you might be wondering why we don't see each other more often? Usually, it's money related. My dad cannot afford to come visit often and I have not had a good chance to go visit him. He has moved from Arizona to Oklahoma over the last few years and usually has a roommate that makes staying with him not an option. Now that I am married and more grown up financially, life is so busy and lining up a trip to go see him is tough. I guess the longer he is gone, the more used to not seeing him I am, and him me, that neither one of us has sacrificed time or money to visit.

This makes me sad. My dad has met my nephew once and never met my niece. I could go on and on about why no one makes more of an effort to see one another, but in the end I take my fair share of the responsibility. I do have to say that it hurts my feelings that my dad has not made more of an effort to see me and that he chose to move away for a job he is no longer with. Honestly, sometimes I feel like it should be him to make the trip up here. It has been his decision to stay down there and he knows the extra effort and money it would take, especially my sister and her family, to visit him. I guess my heart is just sad to see a relationship that was good between my dad and I become what it has. And even more so that he doesn't know me, my sister, or our families better.

There is so much more to all of this than I can write here, so you may assume I am a bad daughter for not just going down there... and I am okay with that. I wrote what I was comfortable sharing and know people may not understand how this has happened. But to those of you who do have your fathers with you to celebrate this day... enjoy and cherish your time! A father has big role in one's life that I believe continues on even after you're all grown up! So, whether you're a father and/or celebrating with yours, be good to one another and don't take your time together or relationship for granted.

Happy Father's Day!

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