Friday, June 11, 2010

The "D" Word

Lately, every time I turn around it seems like someone is getting divorced. From high school sweethearts and couples who have been together 40 years, to friends as newly married as I am. Didn't we learn anything from our parents?! Now some of these couples rushed into marriage and some are not Christians with the emphasis of God in the middle of it all, but the most shocking (although I now realize they shouldn't be) are Christians who dated at least a year and sought God in their decision to marry. How scary!

I know marriage is hard work and I was just as shocked as the next person when I moved in with my husband and saw all the things there still were to learn about each other... but to me that's kind of fun! On the same token, I also know every marriage has it's ups and downs and sometimes the downs seem really low, but when I said "I do" and "for better or for worse" I meant it. Too many people take their marriage vows lightly and are far more loyal to themselves than their spouse or even God! I am aware of situations in which a marriage is unhealthy and divorce is almost the only option left, but when you haven't even been married but a few years and are divorcing, I find it hard to believe that you have sincerely and selflessly tried to save your marriage. Especially, taking into account how long some couples were together before they got married. What marriage changed is beyond me.

I know I don't see into everyones' marriage and homes, but I believe marriage is worth fighting for and if you are a Christian you are even more accountable to that belief. This divorce epidemic, especially among young newly marrieds, breaks my heart. I cannot believe that at the rate people my age are divorcing, that all of these couples truly had grounds for divorce. This is really disturbing to me! When we went into premarital counseling we agreed the "D" word would not enter our vocabulary, just as an extra safe guard from this pervasive occurrence. No one is immune from the "D" word and I pray no matter how rough it gets, I will always seek God and do whatever it takes to save my marriage. I know it's worth it! So, please friends! Seek help, seek God, seek humility and forgiveness, and above all: Don't think anyone is immune from the "D" word.

I loved this quote by Max Lucado and think it's worth thinking about:
"You signed on for better or for worse; if you can love the worst, things will get better."

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