Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Heat Is On!

Finally, it feels how Summer should feel! What a strange season we have had. I know technically the 21st was the first day of Summer, but here in the Tri-Cities the Summer weather starts long before that. We should have had 80 degree temps back in May, but no I was wearing long sleeves and a light jacket up until last week! We did have an occasional 80 degree day here and there, but then a 60 degree day followed. That is not normal! We have been 10 to even 20 degrees below our normal average temperature around here the past couple months and I am so glad to see nothing but 80+ degree temps predicted from here on out! I still feel shaky about trusting the warmth and am disappointed in this cities treatment of its biggest defender (when everyone else complains about the heat and "boring" Tri-cities, I set those self-indulgent fools straight), but I think we are safe now (knock on wood)!

Happy Summer! Don't forget the sunscreen :)

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