Monday, June 7, 2010

First Mini Vacay of the Summer!

This past weekend sure was fun! We celebrated my mom's, let's say 25th birthday, with a party on Friday and a trip to Coeur D'Alene. We have been to CDA many times in the past and this year we had a blast going with our hubby's and my niece and nephew to celebrate my mom's birthday!

On Friday night we hosted a small birthday gathering with pizza, cake, ice cream, and more to start the celebration off right! Then Saturday morning we headed up to stay the night in CDA. The weather turned out great Saturday, which was perfect for the boat ride, and my face definitely got some sun! Upon arriving, we ate some lunch downtown and then went on our cruise. My niece and nephew loved it and my nephew went up and down  the stairs to get all the best views. The lake cruise consists of a scenic 90 minute tour of the lake's northern bays where you learn about the lake, see some wildlife, beautiful secluded lake homes, and the world's only floating golf green. I definitely recommend it! Only Warning: When looking over the side of the boat and you smell something funky, it is poop. They dump the pottys right there into the beautiful lake! Saw it with my own eyes, folks.

After our cruise, we let the kiddos play in the fountain and stream that connects to the lake and walked around the beach and park. I had hoped to ride what I call the "Barbie Bikes" (water bicycles with large floating wheels that you peddle around on the lake), but the rental shop was cloesd on Saturday and on Sunday it rained. Next year, rain or shine I am on those bikes! We also walked around all the shops downtown and had lots of fun in the toy shop. Jeremiah even found a hand pump rocket that we shot off in the park later. Gotta love big kids :)

That night we ate at my fav, Chili's, got dessert to go and headed back to the hotel to chill, play, and get some rest before our next day of fun! The next morning after a breakfast called the "Tremendous Twelve," we headed off to Cabela's to reward our hubby's for all the girliness they endured. I was pleasently surprsed by Cabela's. It had a country store, a mountain complete with wildlife scenery, a large aqaurium, and a shooting range similar to Disney World's! Our hubby's even found some things they needed. Success!

Next up was River Front Park and some shopping. The first shopping destination: Macy's secret sixth floor clearance sale that only Jeremiah knew about. How I did not know about it is a mystery to me too people. After shopping we were hungry and ended up at good ol' Cyrus O'Leary's. Eli loved the leprachaun doing tricks on the trapeze, while the rest of us were a little creepd out by it, and sure gave us some good laughs ordering his own drinks and asking the waiters for flags and balloons. Somehow I refrained from ordering my most favorite Kahlua Pie and am now craving it. Jeremiah knew better than to let me walk out of there without it ;) We ended our River Front Park excursion with a ride on the old carouse and Jeremiah didn't even have to be coaxed to go on it! He even made it into the circle on the horse with the rings you grab and toss setting off all the bells and whistles. Take that kids!

The most important part of the trip, however, was that my mom had fun and got to relax and play with her grandbabies and spend quality time with us all. We had so much fun and can't wait to go back next year! Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!

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