Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Etiquette

So I have been doing a lot of visiting newborns, lately. Well, not just lately, but over the last 5 years. There has been a major baby boom in my family and I think the Atkins are the last to jump on the train. But being last has a lot of perks. I am learning so much from everyone else. The "do's and don't's" of baby etiquette are serious business. Let me tell you the 5 most important things I have learned:

1. People like it when you buy them practical gifts from their registry. They took the time to pick them out so try to get them something from their list, in addition to that "My Mommy Rocks" onesie.

2. Newborn sized diapers are probably the least used size. Buy multiple sizes! Especially, since most people tend to buy newborn sized for baby showers. This goes for clothing, too! Most newborns are in the teeny sizes for such a short period of time. Get some bigger sizes in season appropriate attire.

3. Always call before visiting. Whether it be at the hospital or home. New moms are tired and have been bombarded by calls/texts/visitors all day/every day for the first few weeks. It is polite to check-in or at least give a head's up that you are coming. Who knows if they're napping or indecent!

4. Bring a gift (balloons or flowers count) to the first viewing. It's just polite.

5. In this day of social media, it is important to not be posting the family's business all over the web. Let the parents be the first to announce the details or post the first picture. Then ask permission, if you must.

I know it's impossible to guarantee people will follow these rules, so I hope I have patience and grace on those who don't when it's my turn to be on the receiving end. After all, it's not everyday a baby is born... at least not to you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest Home Purchase

After 3 years of marriage, we finally bought new furniture! I had been wanting a sectional for years, but practically, a sectional does not fit into our home like I imagined. So, we kept putting it off. But I am tired of leather. It is not warm and soft on my little white skin when I want to laze around. So, for Valentine's Day guess what the best hubby of the year got me? A giftcard to a furniture store! Now I was forced to pick out furniture. We looked online for weeks and watched the sales before we went in. We went in looking at sectionals still, but then fell in love with the last set we saw! We immediately sat on it and LOVED it - neutral colors AND big and plush! Plus, when we move we will be able to put this stuff anywhere and maybe get a sectional then (I don't know why I want one so bad, I just do). So the next time you come to the Atkins be prepared to sit in comfort and style. Oh, and added bonus: All our leather furniture will now be moved into our new theater room! I will have to blog about our theater soon. Just have a few details to iron out (a.k.a. we want an awesome popcorn popper, mini fridge, microwave, and snack shack built-in). Can't have a theater without snacks! In the mean time, enjoy a sneak peak of the movie screen:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Raves and Faves

I haven't written a review blog in a while, but not because I haven't had things to talk about, I just haven't had the time. Between work, home improvements, baby showers, and birthdays my weeks and weekends have been full to the brim! But I do want to share a few things I have tried over the past few months with you all.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - One cold Sunday evening, Jeremiah and I took a typical walk to Walgreen's to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. That's where I noticed the Sallie Hansen Nail Polish Strips on sale. I'd seen them a million times, but wasn't sure the $10 price tag was worth it. Since my nails were looking rather plain that night, and I didn't have a manicure scheduled for 2 weeks, I caved and bought them. They took some time to get on, but since there was no dry time the total time my hands were useless was minimal. Still, I wasn't convinced they would stay on 10 days. Well, that Sally proved me wrong and after a few days of washing my hair, doing dishes, laundry, and painting our bathroom they were still holding strong. They lasted all the way until I got my first Shellac manicure at Nouveau. While they are a little pricey for what they are, the time saved not waiting for your nails to dry and chip free polish are worth it - especially, if you don't get regular manicures.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - I don't discriminate when it comes to make-up. I try drugstore brands just as much as I do my beloved Sephora brands. When my fave Sephora primer ran out I decided to try something cheap to get me by until I could go to Sephora that weekend. So I picked up a $7 Rimmel primer. Turns out, I loved it! I never went to Sephora that weekend and kept using this primer instead. It made my skin so soft and my makeup went on more smoothly. After I ran out, I decided to try Maybelline and L'Oreal primers. Neither worked as well and were more expensive. The Rimmel primer worked almost as well as my favorite Smashbox brand! Different primers work better for different skin types, but if you're in a pinch try Rimmel and let me know how it works for you!

Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara- So, while I am embarrassed to admit it - I follow Lauren Conrad on Twitter, as well as her beauty blog. Don't judge! Anyway, she wrote about her favorite mascara one time, and while I though it would be an expensive brand, turns out it was Maybelline. I decided to give it a whirl and it is the best drugstore brand I have ever tried. The waterproof is even better than the regular. It's not super watery or clumpy like most. This is definitely second to my Diorshow!

PackIt Lunch Bag - Taking food that needs to be refrigerated to work can be a hassle. Using the community fridge is a scary thing. Will your food be stolen? Will someone clean out the fridge that day and toss your goodies? But if you keep your food at your desk, will you eat it before it's out of the food "safety zone"? Plus, the kitchen is always so far away! Well, my mom told me about an infomercial she saw about something called the PackIt Lunch Bag. I promptly Googled it and decided I needed one. So for Christmas what do you think she got me? Yep! It's awesome! I wish they made more sizes! The PackIt is a lunch bag with gel filled sides that you fold and freeze for 12 hours. It then keeps your food refrigerator cold for up to 10 hours. It works best if you can freeze it for the full 12 hours, but I usually freeze it for less and it keeps my food cold enough until lunch time. You can get 2 lunch bags for $20, so it's a great deal! Check them out:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Day In Pictures

Started the work day with Him.

Went for a run with my sister in her neighborhood - where one of my dream homes exists. If you live here, or know who does, my apologies for photographing your home.
Organized our "closet room." This is one of my favorite shirts! I received it at my bridal shower almost 4 years ago! Can you believe it?!?

Reminisced about the year 2003, while looking at this calender that graces the wall in our closet room. I received one of the first "Who is Mr. Winkle" calenders as a gift in 2003 and it has now become decor in my home. Who wouldn't want to get dressed in the morning in the presence of Mr. Winkle?

Spent some time tonight with my girl, Tiffany.

What did you do today?