Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest Home Purchase

After 3 years of marriage, we finally bought new furniture! I had been wanting a sectional for years, but practically, a sectional does not fit into our home like I imagined. So, we kept putting it off. But I am tired of leather. It is not warm and soft on my little white skin when I want to laze around. So, for Valentine's Day guess what the best hubby of the year got me? A giftcard to a furniture store! Now I was forced to pick out furniture. We looked online for weeks and watched the sales before we went in. We went in looking at sectionals still, but then fell in love with the last set we saw! We immediately sat on it and LOVED it - neutral colors AND big and plush! Plus, when we move we will be able to put this stuff anywhere and maybe get a sectional then (I don't know why I want one so bad, I just do). So the next time you come to the Atkins be prepared to sit in comfort and style. Oh, and added bonus: All our leather furniture will now be moved into our new theater room! I will have to blog about our theater soon. Just have a few details to iron out (a.k.a. we want an awesome popcorn popper, mini fridge, microwave, and snack shack built-in). Can't have a theater without snacks! In the mean time, enjoy a sneak peak of the movie screen:

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