Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Etiquette

So I have been doing a lot of visiting newborns, lately. Well, not just lately, but over the last 5 years. There has been a major baby boom in my family and I think the Atkins are the last to jump on the train. But being last has a lot of perks. I am learning so much from everyone else. The "do's and don't's" of baby etiquette are serious business. Let me tell you the 5 most important things I have learned:

1. People like it when you buy them practical gifts from their registry. They took the time to pick them out so try to get them something from their list, in addition to that "My Mommy Rocks" onesie.

2. Newborn sized diapers are probably the least used size. Buy multiple sizes! Especially, since most people tend to buy newborn sized for baby showers. This goes for clothing, too! Most newborns are in the teeny sizes for such a short period of time. Get some bigger sizes in season appropriate attire.

3. Always call before visiting. Whether it be at the hospital or home. New moms are tired and have been bombarded by calls/texts/visitors all day/every day for the first few weeks. It is polite to check-in or at least give a head's up that you are coming. Who knows if they're napping or indecent!

4. Bring a gift (balloons or flowers count) to the first viewing. It's just polite.

5. In this day of social media, it is important to not be posting the family's business all over the web. Let the parents be the first to announce the details or post the first picture. Then ask permission, if you must.

I know it's impossible to guarantee people will follow these rules, so I hope I have patience and grace on those who don't when it's my turn to be on the receiving end. After all, it's not everyday a baby is born... at least not to you!

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