Sunday, September 12, 2010


Anyone ever get good advice that you agree with, but then goes sour when the person reminds you of this advice nearly every time you talk to them (as if you didn't understand it the first time)? Yeah, makes me want to rebel against every last bit of the advice, even though I agreed with it.

Well, lately the offending advice has revolved around my job, finances, and schooling. Yes, I am searching for a new job, yes I have student loans, yes I consider going back to school for a degree in something completely different than Psychology. But no, I do not want you calling me every time you see a job you think I should apply for, no I do not want a 2nd job to pay off my student loans faster, and no I do not want you pressuring me to go back to school for 2-3 more years and take out more student loans in hopes of making more money to then pay off all of these loans.

All of the above are personal decisions and advice can be useful , but it can quickly turn into nagging, especially when you do not have experience with the above, but want to tell me how to handle these things every time we talk. In all honesty, it hurts my feeling and makes me feel like I am not able to handle these decisions or that how I am currently handling these things is wrong. Right now I have a good job that I like, I am paying my student loans off (and have one paid off already) and as far as school goes, I will figure out if it's right for me. What's wrong with all that? Even if I didn't get a new job, didn't have any loans paid off or paid down, and never went back to school it would be okay. Not that I want that, but I am not doing so badly that I need to nagged. I have a husband, a home, family, hobbies, and a relationship with someone who will hold me in His hand every step I take. Those things are my priorities. I do not want a job, money, or school to come between any of that. Maybe people should take a look at their life priorities before they tell me mine. I have things pretty good... the opportunities I choose to take are just icing on the cake.

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