Monday, November 28, 2011

Disneyland Birthday

For my 28th birthday this year the hubs took me to Disneyland! There was a SharePoint conference being held in Anaheim, that Jeremiah was attending for work during my birthday week, so he decided to bring me along to celebrate my birthday at every child's dream location :)

Memorable Moments Include:

- Beignets! Beignets! Beignets! My new favorite delicatessen :)

- Jeremiah eating 1-2 Churros every day.

- The canoes.

- 90 degree weather!

- "World of Color" 3 course meal at Ariel's Grotto and reserved seating for the show.

- My free birthday pin.

- Favorites Rides: Indiana Jones and Haunted Mansion When 2 Holidays Collide featuring "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

- Riding the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters more times than we could count so I could try and beat Jeremiah's score like I did at Disney World!

- In-N-Out at 1am.

- My Mayor Mufaletta Sandwich that came in a coffin and using any chance I get to say Mayor Mufaletta still.


Birthday pin moment.

Romantic lunch.

Probably Churro # 8 or something.


Birthday dinner at Ariel's Grotto before "World of Color."

Haunted Mansion.

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