Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've never read this book, but began following this woman somehow on Twitter. I always love what she has to say and am convicted by it often (might have to check the book out). These two quotes she posted ages ago struck a cord with me. Maybe they speak to my selfish/greedy/jealous nature and although painful to admit, good to acknowledge. I'm a work in progress and while growth is uncomfortable, I know true contentment comes from within. From knowing and trusting Jesus - I'm on that journey. So if you're on it with me they may speak to you, too. :)

The only reward you will get from trying to live out someone else’s destiny is contention and dissatisfaction. - Christine Caine "The Core Issue"

Gratitude begins at the point where our sense of entitlement ends! - Christine Caine "The Core Issue"

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