Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Today was the big day - the day I got my braces off. After two and a half long years of cutting my corn off the cob and every other fruit and veggie into bite size pieces, I headed to Dr. Ostler to reveal my new straight pearly whites. It should have been a fantastic day. Not only were my braces coming off, but our new California King Sleep Number Bed was set to arrive. But for some reason this day went wrong from about 4am.

Here's a quick look at how it all went down:

Had to work early due to orthodontist appointment.
Woke at 4am with bad stomach pains and never fell back asleep.
Went to work, where it was obvious to all I did not feel well, and left for my appointment with a less than happy tummy around 9:30am. Figured the anxious/excited feeling I had about the braces coming off might have been part of it.
Once at the appointment, my tummy was not happy and neither was my bladder, as a result.
Hygienist had trouble getting a few brackets off and it hurt - this was by far the worst part of the entire braces experience.
Ask to use restroom thanks to bladder/tummy issues. Due to leaving my purse in the car, I put my iPhone in my back pocket and forgot. Next thing I know, kerplunk! Why, why why?!?!?!?!
Head back to chair and let everyone know what just happened. Still feeling yuck and end up needing to use the restroom a few more times. They think I'm sick and need a towel and garbage can next to me. Super embarrassing. However, it is very hard to explain IC to people so I just let them think that.
They hurry along and send me to get impressions where they have trouble and have to take them twice. The impressions aren't so bad, though, thankfully!
Come home and see the bed arrived in the few hours I was gone that morning and they left it in our driveway. Thanks, guys. Thankfully, Jeremiah ran home and helped me get it inside.

All in all, the braces are off and the bed arrived. I have no clue if they gave me any instructions at the ortho because I was so out of it/embarrassed/feeling blah. This stuff only happens to me. I swear! Hopefully, tomorrow when I get my retainer it will go much smoother - my day included!


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