Monday, September 9, 2013

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

* Never posted this on the old blog because I intended to add more pics, but eh who cares. This will do! :)

In May, I crossed another 2013 goal off my list and made it to New York City!

We originally planned to do a tropical getaway and even considered a cruise. We had a very short window of time in which we could take a vacation so as the time got closer and everyone and their dog was giving us advice on where to go or not go and blah blah blah we decided to fool them all and go to New York! Then came the annoying questions of, "Why are you going to New York?" Why not?! I have wanted to go since I was a child and most people never make it there if they have no reason to and we didn't want to be those people - since we really have no other reason to head that way, either. I am so glad we didn't listen to other people. This was the perfect trip for a couple of DINKs. I cannot imagine doing this if we had children! We went at the perfect time of year. There was a glorious heat wave that made the old concrete jungle hotter than the TC's so we were happy to get away to the city for some fun in the sun! There's so much life to live and adventures to go on and I am so glad Jeremiah loves to experience it all with me! Mr. Atkins, I adore you and your love for life and me!

Overall, the trip was a blast/exhausting/intense/nonstop/unpredictable/expensive and probably a once in a lifetime thing. So of course, we crammed in everything we could! I have some great recommendations if you ever need them! :)

In the meantime, here are some of our favorite Big Apple moments:

Times Square - Arriving just in time to see the Lego X-Wing Fighter before it moved to San Diego that night!

M&M World/Toys R' US (with indoor ferris wheel)/Hershey's store - 3 Childhood dream stores right in Times Square and just a hop skip and a jump from our hotel.

9/11 Memorial and the new Freedom Tower

Wall Street/NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)/Charging Bull - NYSE is a beautiful building, but don't let the bull fool you. He is not worth wasting your sweet precious time in line for a photo.

5th Ave Shopping - Saks. Tiffany. Bergdorff Goodman. Need I say more?

FAO Schwartz  - Channeling our inner Tom Hanks in Big. Except for the whole avoiding the athlete's foot on the Big Piano which was crawling with barefooted little rif-raff.

Apple Store - Man heaven.

J&R Electronics - Ditto to the above. Although, we did buy an external charging device for my phone to charge up the battery. Can't be without Google Earth on the iPhone in the big city!

Staten Island Ferry - It's free and offers fantastic views. Plus, seeing the hustle and bustle of the local working folk makes you feel less touristy. Or maybe more. I'm not sure on this one...

American Museum of Natural History - Unlike Night at The Museum, nothing came to life. Bummer. And we even brought gum!

Zabar's - I am obsessed with bakeries and authentic foods (at least the ones I can have) so I found Zabar's before we even left and knew we had to go there. It's a Jewish market with cheeses and baked goods galore. All delicious! Took our fair share back to the hotel that night.

Keen's Chophouse - Only surviving original building in the theater district. 138 years old and features smoking pipes from Babe Ruth and ex-presidents, in addition to the best steak of Jeremiah's life!

Empire State Building - It looks like a Christmas tree!

Macy's Flagship Store - 9 floors of glory with beautiful old wooden escalators. We may have spent one too many days here trying to find Jeremiah new shoes.

MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) - Fantastic and authentic art. Best museum the city has to offer.

Seeing Wicked - And to think I didn't even want to see a Broadway Show! Loved it!

Brooklyn Bridge - No big deal. Just walked across in 91 degree 70% humidity. Oy!

Chinatown and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - The website made it look better.

Harbour Cruise - We cruised around Manhattan and saw Lady Liberty up close and personal, in addition to the amazing views of the city and it's famous landmarks.

Shake Shack - One of the best burger chains in the US. And the custard and shakes are beyond words!

Today Show - Waited around in hopes of being seen on the small screen, but alas - no. But I'm pretty sure I caught a glimpse of Matt Lauer in the window on commercial break. ;)

MOMA - I can appreciate lots of art. Even when I don't understand it all. But I will never allow myself to consider that throwing a dildo in a glass case or making a naked video of your self boxing yourself is art. There are much more useful ways for one to spend their time. That is a self-indulgent and selfish use of oneself and time, if you ask me. You do not better the world or bring beauty or talent by doing these types of things. I have very strong feelings on this! ;)

Top of The Rock - We heard Top of The Rock had better views than Empire State and it's true! It's not quite as high, but is still insanely high and the view is truly unmatched!

Rockefeller Center and where the famous rink and tree and go.

Central Park - I think the below photo says enough of the beauty.

Traveled by plane/subway/boat/taxi/foot and spaceship - Okay, maybe not the last one. ;) After all that crazy travel we upgraded for the ride to the airport to the Denali parked outside our hotel. Pretty sure I've never spent that much on vehicular transportation in my life.

Saw Upper/Lower/East/West Manhattan/Chelsea/New Jersey and everywhere in between. Amazing city with amazing history. No place like it.

I really do LOVE New York!


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