Friday, September 20, 2013

I was almost a Southern Bell

This Summer we were offered a great opportunity to move to the South. Greenville, SC to be exact. For those who don't know, Jeremiah worked for Fluor Government Group and the group he worked for (and their headquarters) are located there. Over the years, he traveled to Greenville several times and the invitation to move was always extended. However, it was never something we wanted, despite the financial benefits. But this Summer Fluor decided to close all of its Richland offices as of the end of September 2013 and offered relocation packages to a select few. Jeremiah being one, of course. The retention offer and benefits of moving were very enticing. And most would have gone without hesitation. But we have other priorities and values in our lives. We love that both of our families are here and we want to raise our babies with family near them. Also, my health issues make me apprehensive to move away from my doctors and support system. So while we really do love Greenville and the opportunity presented was great, we knew we needed to pray.

We went ahead and accepted the position to move (just in case), but knew God would take care of us no matter what we ended up doing. Well, it had barely been a week when out of the blue Jeremiah got a call from another company who wanted to interview him for a job. Apparently, another co-worker interviewing for a different position mentioned his name to the company who had been seeking to find a new analyst for months. Talk about a God thing! Within a couple of weeks Jeremiah interviewed and was offered a position at a very competitive rate to what Fluor had offered. We accepted and Jeremiah shared the news with Fluor, where they were very understanding. They knew his reasons for not relocating before and were sad to see him go, but respected his decision.

I know it wasn't easy for Jeremiah to leave the co-workers and position he held with Fluor and give up the financial benefits of moving, but I am so thankful he values my opinion/wants/needs and is on the same page with me and what we want in life. I am also thankful for the new opportunity awarded to Jeremiah and what appears to be a better/healthier work schedule and stress level with the new position. I pray this job brings him happiness and success and he can be an equal blessing to his new employer at Energy Northwest! So proud of my hubby! He has made quite a name and impression for himself in the MIS world and co-workers from Fluor have already called for help in the past few weeks. Another even called to tell him he quit to move to a new position with a better work/life balance.

All the glory to God! He's real and He works for your good! :)


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