Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Emerald City - Goodbye Summer Vacay

The last weekend of Summer we spent in the Emerald City with Jeremiah's family. For J's dad's birthday in July, we bought him tickets to a Mariner's game and planned on attending with his sisters and their families. The only weekend we were all available to go was September 22nd. So our goodbye to Summer literally culminated the last weekend of Summer/first weekend of Fall with a trip out of town. Such a fun way to say "au revior" to Summer! Some highlights of our FULL weekend include:

* Puyallup Fair (FYI: I purchased tickets to this fair for less than our county fair - what a crock!) -  Bigger fair, more food and exhibits, and the layout was way more spacious! So nice being able to walk around and not fight a crowd like at the BFCF. It did seem more like a small amusement park, but I still preferred it over our fair.

* The Bodies Exhibit - The bodies were not nearly as grotesque as one might think (okay, maybe the genitals were. Ha!), but I definitely recommend checking this exhibit out if you have the opportunity. Upon entering you were told to turn your cell phones off and that you could not take photos. Although I was quite tempted, NO ONE was breaking that rule and I really did not want to end up as the next body added to the exhibit! LOL.

* Meeting up with an old SPU cheer squad friend I hadn't seen in 7 years! That was way too long and I would really like to keep up with old college friends better - although, I feel like many of them have deleted me from their FB friends list (I guess for some there are limits on how long they stay friends with someone). A little sad to me. Despite being on the shy side, I really value relationships and people in my life and genuinely enjoy hearing about people's lives and the successes or struggles they have encountered (can get the girl out of psychology,  but can't get Psychology out of the girl).

* Mariner's game with J's family where our 2 year old great niece, Genesis, danced, growled at people, ate her foam finger, and generally just charmed the crowd around us. It was a fun evening for sure.

* After game dinner, dessert, and chit chatting - full of laughs!

* Shopping and dining downtown with the fam. Once again, Nordstrom came through for me! This time at the Ebar where they had hard boiled eggs for purchase! I finally had a healthy and fulfilling breakfast!

* Jeremiah using the hair dryer to warm the the tile in the bathroom at our hotel for me to stand on, in addition to my clothing, since the 60 degree Seattle weather was sucking the life out of me!

* The Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions -  One of my childhood dreams being fulfilled as the Olympians flipped, danced, and entertained their way into my memories. I told Jeremiah I thought I might cry a couple times! Such a dork, but I was so excited to see the show. I grew up doing gymnastic and one of my only life regrets is giving up gymnastics for dance. This would have been the highlight of my childhood 20 years ago. So to have my hubby next to me enjoying and sharing in something I love warmed my heart. If we would have had a child with us in awe of the show, I am sure I would have bawled like a baby!

* My hubby standing in line during 2nd half of show to buy me a shirt so we wouldn't have to wait after the show and to ensure they wouldn't sell out.

* Heating up our Krispy Kremes up with the car heater on our way home.

And now some photos from our weekend:

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