Friday, October 5, 2012

Compassion International and The Newsboys Concert

I received an email from a worker at Compassion International (the program we sponsor a child through) about a month ago that they needed volunteers for the upcoming Newsboys/Building 429 concert. I am not a huge Newsboys fan, and frankly, rarely know who sings what, but I though it might be fun -  especially if my sister and I both volunteered to do it! Well, I committed myself to volunteering before my sister knew she couldn't and suddenly became freaked out that I was going to do it alone. I am a shy person, but somehow always end up doing things alone. NOT my cup of tea! Upon finding out the lady I would be working with was Cortni Roy (Jason Roy's wife - lead singer of Building 429), I was even more nervous. I also didn't know what the other volunteers would be like or if anyone else would even be there - needless to say I was not too pumped about going.

While I wasn't feeling comfortable about volunteering anymore, I do not like being a person who goes back on their word, So I forced myself to go. Boy am I glad I did! All of the volunteers were SO awesome and kind! These were people I could be friends with in my everyday life. Only one girl was from the Tri-Cities, though. Cortni was also very sweet and I had to control my curiosity of asking silly questions about what life on the road must be like with kids. I am not easily starstruck, but love to learn about others and ask questions, regardless of who they are, so I have to be careful not to invade other's privacy. But honestly, I hate talking about myself. I usually end up rambling and sounding like a dork. Also, I am loud, goofy, and animated when I talk so I easily embarrass myself. Luckily, the other volunteers were all goofballs so hopefully I didn't look like too much of a fool! I wish I would have taken some photos, but it was a busy night and taking a photo would have made me look sort of unprofessional. But I thought I would share a couple stand out moments from the night:

* Being out in the crowd with Jason Roy to pass out Compassion info with the spotlight and all on us and me NOT falling! I had to go up and down stairs and was so nervous I would! Especially with him right next to me!

* An 11 year old  boy and his friend who came to me repeatedly asking questions about sponsoring a child. He was so sweet and told me he felt like God wanted him to donate money. He had come with his youth group and ended up calling his dad about sponsoring a child. When he came back and I asked what his mom said he told me, "My father said no because he can barely keep food on the table for me and my little brother." My heart! He had no mama! He and his 5 year old brother and dad live in La Grande in an apartment attached to a grocery store that his grandma runs. He and his friend didn't want to go to back into the concert because it was too loud and they had never been to a concert before. So I spent like 20 minutes talking to them outside. I pray he keeps his soft little heart towards others and God as he grows. He was a little angel and really made an impression on me!

* Learning that the dude from the Newboys is NOT a white guy!

* Getting 98 children sponsored! The most so far out of any of the tour stops Cortni said!

* Duncan Phillips - the spinning drummer from the Newsboys! Coolest thing I've seen in a while! Click the link. Now.

I am so glad I branched out of my comfort zone! I had a blast and sure hope I made an impression on a little boy's heart and helped to get some sweet babies sponsored!

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