Thursday, October 11, 2012

Destroying The Car Wash

I have been meaning to post about my trip through the new Tim Bush car wash for a while now, but am just getting around to it. A few weeks ago before J and I left out of town for the weekend, I stopped by mom's to drop off our house key and she decided to come for a ride with me to take my car through the car wash. This is one of those car washes where you have to get your tire in the little strip, put your car in neutral, and then just sit back an enjoy. But not if you are Angela Atkins.

When I pulled up I thought the attendant told me to turn to the right a little and keep going, but apparently he and I were not on the same page. So up and over the edge of where your tire goes and over the bar that guides you in I went. Let me point out that the car wash is long and narrow. The angle I was at required that I drive up into the car wash a little and then try and back out at an angle... which was nearly impossible. Especially, when you are laughing beyond control. The guy could not guide me out and I was literally tearing up the car wash. I could not back up because I was at a diagonal and would go up onto the building's front curb, but I could not go forward because my back tires were still behind the metal bar that my front tires had gone over.

Well, pretty soon another guy came out to try and help unwedge me from the car wash. No, joke he looked at me and asked if I was drunk! By this time, one guy was guiding and the other reaching through my window turning my wheel for me. Finally, after asking several times if one of them wanted to drive my car, the guy with his arm through my window said to get out and he would drive. After about 10 minutes my car was free. There were moments they were literally saying I was destroying the car wash, but I was more concerned about my wheels being destroyed as they squeaked and bumped over the metal and concrete!

When all was over with, the guys were laughing and told me there is a video camera that records 24/7 and that they would have to show the video at their next meeting! I really hope they did. Because 30 minutes of 2 guys helping me get my car out of there has got to be the most exciting thing to happen to that car wash. Hope the car waiting behind me thought so, too...

Needless to say... I haven't been back to that car wash.

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