Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Walla Walla/Dayton - June 2012

In June, Jeremiah and I went to Walla Walla and Dayton with Jeremiah's family to cheer on his awesome grandpa at the Dayton Days car show. J's grandpa has a 1932 Ford Roadster he bought for $150 in 1950 that he enters in various car shows. He was even featured in the Tri-City Herald Cool Desert Night's insert on the front page this year. It's the cutest car and we had fun supporting grandpa and hanging out with family. We stayed at the historic Marcus Whitman hotel in downtown Walla Walla, shopped, ate gourmet food (including Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at The Marc), and relaxed. If you've never checked out Walla Walla, it's a beautiful mini-vacay spot and you must do it. Jeremiah and I make a stop here almost every year and it's so close to the Tri's you can do it in a day! Here are are some pics from our weekend:

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream being made right at our table at the The Marc restaurant at our hotel.
Beautiful downtown Dayton for Dayton Days.

A camel in Dayton. Pretty sure I could pretend I was in Egypt with this one.
Our great-niece, Genesis, walking my mother-in-law's dog, Mitzi.
Jeremiah checking out his grandpa's car.

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