Monday, September 3, 2012

Harper's 3rd Birthday

My favorite girl in the world turned 3 this past July and I cannot believe it! People always says time flies as you get older and when kids are involved that's even more apparent. The tiny baby girl I couldn't wait to paint nails with, go shopping with, have dance parties with, do hair with, and bake with is doing all those things now and more! My niece, Harper Josephine, is a beautiful, brave, kind, strong-willed, loving, silly, independent, and smart as a whip girly girl! She rivals her brothers and cousins in toughness and fearlessness, all while rocking the sparkliest of nails, fluffiest of dresses, and blondest of pony tails! I am so proud of her and she is only 3! I cannot wait to go to her dance recitals, soccer games, school music performances, or whatever else she chooses to be involved in. But I hope time goes ever so slowly so I can soak in every precious moment. I am very blessed to be a part of watching her grow and my heart cannot hold all the love I have for her and her brothers! Happy 3rd birthday to my littlest best friend, Harper! Love you so much, Baby Bops!

One of my favorite photos of my niece. Even her serious "fed-up with auntie's pictures" face looks gorgeous!

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