Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

So, I have been wanting to experiment with the Bokeh on my camera and finally found the perfect opportunity! My Christmas tree! I have seen how to create those cool little shapes out of lights before, and after brushing up with a how-to from tonight, I hunted down some paper and scissors and got down to business. It's super easy, and although I wish I had those shaped hole punchers to create more shapes, I made do with folded paper hearts learned in grade school and some crazy shape my husband created. If you want to try this go get your DSLR out and read this Please note, the model is a Sock Monkey Santa Claus. Classy, I know... should've used the gingerbread man pillow ;-)

Normal Bokeh on my camera.

Crazy shape created by the hubs.

1 comment:

  1. I love that picture with the hearts! I will have you sneak a pic of me and snoogs in the same manner and give it to him as a valentines surprise hanging over our bed! hahaha!