Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank YOU!

It's thankful season again! I have been wanting to do a post about things I am thankful for, but didn't want to do the traditional list of things in my life and also wanted to avoid this year's post looking like last year's. That's when I decided to make it personal. This post is dedicated to all my friends, family, and acquaintances who support me and uplift me in ways you may never know! So, Thank You Holly and Dee Dee for your never ending support and standing out in the freezing cold temperatures to help me at photo sessions. You'll never know how much I appreciate this! You put me at ease and the clients too! Thank you to Brandy, the Fidino/ Del Toro clan, Jen, Kyle, and Landon Holway, Bethany, Skye and family, the O'Neal girls and their hubbies, Alla, the Hendlers, the Parks, and the Mehlings for letting me practice my photography skills on you! Thanks for your nice compliments, even when I know some of the pictures turned out poorly. It really encourages me to keep working at it! Thank you Damon Hagel for keeping my hubby occupied when I am busy and for helping do things in our yard and around the house. You will make a great husband as well someday ;) Oh, and for your advice on my spider bite. To my old co-workers at Lourdes, although we no longer work together, I think about you all daily. About all the hard, heart breaking at times and rewarding at others, work you do! You are an important part of our community and I don't think most people know just what you guys do! I have never had a job so difficult and meaningful as being a counselor at Lourdes. It definitely takes an amazing and special person to do it! God bless you all! To All the stay at home or mostly stay at home mommies, Thank You for showing me the joy in life of raising your children and choosing to make sacrifices. For showing me there is more meaning to life than an education and a job that serves only me and my greed.  You'll never know how inspiring it is to watch mommies give up careers and the "finer" things in life to be mommies. That lets me know it's all worth it :) And your babies will know this too! Thanks for dedicating your lives to raising happy, healthy, productive members of our world! Last but not least, to my family... I love you all and do not have the time or space here to thank you for your love and support! You guys mean the world to me! Oh, and to that one guy I live with, I couldn't be more blessed to have a hubby who runs out to buy me Halloween socks, cuts a hole in a table for my costume ideas, rubs my head all the time, does all the gross house chores I don't like, will run out to get whatever I need at night, and never says a word about my Starbucks habit! Thank you Jesus for all of these things I don't deserve!


  1. Love it! Happy Thanksgiving Ang! Hope you and Jer are SUPER blessed! Loves <3

  2. OH mimi! you are a blessing to be around! we love you so much and you will be a wonderful mother one day! You ARE good at photography! Ive seen all those pics youve taken and you only keep getting better and better! and my angel tids couldnt have asked for a better aunt! They absolutely adore you, and so do I! thanks for being the best sister in the whole world and being there for me so much since Ive been infirmed!