Thursday, November 11, 2010

Impromptu Shower Remodel-ish

A few weeks ago, when I got out of the shower, I noticed the water would not shut off. I am not talking about a little drizzle, but a steady small stream of water coming out of the faucet. I gave the handle a little jiggle and then did what anyway modern day sulf sufficient woman would do. I ran into the bedroom, where Jeremiah was still sleeping peacefully, and calmly shouted that the water wouldn't shut off and I didn't know what to do. Jeremiah came and did some "man stuff " and quickly got it shut off. He told me it was probably time to replace the faucet and handle and that he would take it off and look at it that weekend. Well, that weekend Jeremiah did just that... and a little more. The more being that he broke something on the shower handle when he took it off and could no longer put it back on. He said it was already broken and wasn't sure how it had even stayed on that long. Well, we still needed to be able to shower, so Jeremiah improvised... and oh boy do I wish I had taken a picture. What now became our mechanism of turning the water on was a carefully hammered in screw driver. I cannot even explain how he did this, but it is very funny to look back on how long we had that screw driver there. We could not find a replacement that matched the shower and the current one we had was discontinued. So that meant we had to replace everything from the faucet, to the pipes, to some of the tiles. Well, we were having our Halloween party that weekeend and did not want our bathroom tore up so we decided to wait. Luckily, no one peaked in the shower and saw the ghetto-ness... well, that we know of. Anyhoo, last weekend we finally went and picked out our new shower accessories and this week Jeremiah installed it all and is now grouting the new tile. I am so glad we have 2 bathrooms so we were still able to still shower downstairs, but it will be nice to do it upstairs where my clothes are and I won't have to go running through the house in my towel dripping wet and freezing. Oh yeah, and I have a nice new pretty shower :)

p.s. A picture will follow

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