Sunday, November 14, 2010


Bathroom faucet now not shutting off. Must have taken advice from the bathtub. So... New hardware bought and installed! PLUS, hubby decided to reseal and caulk the whole shower! Meanwhile, I spent 3.5 hours out in 40 degree weather, with the 2 best friends a girl could ask for, taking pictures of beautiful people on Saturday! I am feeling overwhelmed with all of the things I have taken on lately, behind, and on brain overload with all I have learned at work and with my photography endeavors. However, I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to do things I love, to take on new challenges, to have friends and family who support me, and to be able to afford a rather expensive hobby... hopefully the hobby will pay off one day. So, as I sit here blogging  instead of photo editing late into the night, I realize I am in a warm cozy house, curled up in a blanket, my best friend close by, eating left over Olive Garden, with not a care in the world compared to how some live. I have very little to be stressed about and life ain't that bad.

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