Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Story Of Our Tree

Our Christmas Tree 2010
Every year we scour the Tri-Cities for our perfect Christmas tree. In the end, we usually purchase it from Fred Meyer of all places! They always have the best prices and best looking trees. This year we skipped all the other tree stands and went right to Freddies. Only there was a small problem... many of the trees were still tied up, covered with snow, and frozen! Our early winter made it so that we could not tell what any of the trees looked like, even the ones that were untied since they were frozen stiff! We looked at the few that were untied and slightly defrosted, but in the words of Eddie Money, nothing said  "take me home tonight". That's when we decided to take a gamble! We would pick a tree that we had no idea what it looked like! We knew we needed to look for fullest tree we could find. We finally found a tall sturdy Noble Fir with branches begging to burst through the rope. We made our purchase and then took our tree home to wait for it to defrost. Lucky for us, the tree turned out to be beautiful. It did have it's "bad" side, which is facing the wall, and a slight gap towards the bottom branches, but I was nervous it would be worse! I am so glad we got our tree Thanksgiving weekend, even though they were all frozen, because about a week later almost all the trees were gone! While this will probably be the only time we do this, it turned out a-okay and made for a fun Christmas memory!

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