Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Adult occasions call for big celebrations - or at least ice cream! The start to 2013 has included some big decisions, brave acts, and blessed changes. Here's a very quick rundown - First off, we refinanced our home in preparation of things to come and feel so adult. Next up, J had a job reclassification (other than the typical yearly review and upgrade) and I am so proud of him. The amount of hours, dedication, and hard work he puts in have not gone unnoticed and we are so thankful. He is on call 24 hours a day, as he manages several international servers, and works crazy hours, as the main office he works for is located in Greenville, SC. This guy works his tail off for Fluor and has a work ethic like none I've ever seen. So thankful for him and how God uses him at his job and how He blesses us. Finally, my appointment at Virginia Mason went great. All labs and tests came back normal so now we are on to the next step - the allergist. In the meantime, we went Indoor Skydiving at iFly Seattle and had a blast! It was J's Valentine's Day present, so it worked out perfectly to fit not only my appointment, but some fun into this trip. To celebrate, we will be going out as soon as I find out what the allergist says on Monday and I know if there is anything I need to avoid. If all is good, then we will add one more item to our list of things to celebrate. Cheers!

My official indoor skydiving photo

Update: No allergies. Yay! Milkshakes here I come! And on to the next phase of testing and doctors. Prayers for good news and healing appreciated!

X, A!

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