Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Embracing My Inner Dork

Braces, glasses, no make-up, frizzy hair? Yep, that's me lately. In the past, I would not consider stepping a foot outside with any of the above going on. Maybe it's getting older or maybe it's because I really have no choice. Either way, I am learning to embrace my "inner dork" and get comfortable with myself no matter what I look.

I have never done a blog post on my braces and have had them on almost 2 years. I got braces in May 2011 to fix my "snaggle tooth" and am beyond thrilled I did. When I was younger, my dentist always said my teeth might straighten out so my parents never took me to the Orthodontist. He was wrong! So here I am fixing them as an adult. Jeremiah jokes that he should send my parents the bill since this is something parents are supposed to deal with. Anyway, the braces are clear and I know in the end I will have straight teeth. So I am cool with the braces.

Now onto the glasses -  my most hated dork accessory. I don't know what it is, but wearing glasses makes me feel like I should be at home in my PJ's - not out in the world. They take me a while to get used to wearing and are not cute, in my eyes. But since finding out a year ago that my eyes are very damaged and dry from abusing my contact lens wearing privileges (so much so that I am not a candidate for refractive surgery), I have been forced to wear them even more. Even to work. Ugh! Once my eyes felt better I went back to abusing the contacts and my eyes started bothering me again. So here goes the spectacle wearing spectacle again! Wisdom over vanity, I suppose.

As far as the frizzy hair and no make-up goes? I am at peace with the hair my Mexican heritage has given me. Yes, I am probably the whitest girl you know, but my grandpa is Mexican. Like, habla espanol Mexican. And my great grandpa is Cherokee Indian. So what happened in the gene pool with me is a mystery. The no make-up thing is the worst, however. You probably would not recognize me if I did not have make-up on. I know people probably think I wear a ton of make-up and I do, but trust me it is necessary. I would rather be made fun of for "make-up face" than "ugly face." Yes, I do realize this is a huge issue I need to deal with, but hey one thing at a time.

I'm not sure what the point of this blog post was, except that I feel very self-conscience at times and wanted to be honest with myself about it. I know girls typically feel this way from time to time, so I thought maybe someone could empathize. Naturally pretty girls: you suck. There I said it. End blog post.

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