Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Castle - My New Viewing Pleasure

We don't have cable in our home. We are mainly movie watchers. And with the home theater we put in, we prefer movies on our big screen over the TV. Plus, there are no TV shows we are obssesed with or that we follow on a regular basis. Well recently, I caught the show Castle after a viewing of Dancing With The Stars last season and loved it. I do not follow it religiously, but I do enjoy it and try to remember it is on. What I like about it is that it's different from most of the other crime shows on TV. It is not overly gory, filled with sex, or profane language. It focuses on a good story line, some mystery, and peppers in a little humor every week thanks to the hilarious, Nathan Fillion. Plus, the whole cast is pretty easy on the eyes. If you're up late on a Monday, give it a watch.

 - Castle. ABC. 10pm PST. -

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