Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bath Time Debacle

I like the idea of baths, but once I'm in there the picture I had in my head is never my reality. A relaxing, warm, tranquil paradise turns into a fight for my life. The weight of the water feels as if it's crushing my guts. And since I like the water HOT, after laying there for about 10 mins I am facing heat stroke. But if I wait for the water to cool off  I risk hypothermia as the water goes from 150 degrees to 10 in 30 seconds. Plus, the hard porcelain hurts and the tub I have is not deep enough to encase every body part comfortably. And do people really read in there? I risk dropping every book or magazine every time and if I'm not dropping it then I'm getting wet finger prints on every page. Lastly, if you really think about, you are just stewing in your own filth. So as much as I crave a bath some nights, I can't do it. I think what I need is a shower with a chair. Yes, that's the ticket.

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