Monday, January 30, 2012

Outta Town 2012

The hubby and I had our first outta town trip of 2012 this past weekend. In December, I bought us tickets to see one of our favorite comedians, Anjelah Johnson, perform at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. I was a little nervous with my mini health crisis I have been facing that I might have to cancel the trip. BUT... the Lord is bigger than my worries and nothing short of loving and faithful! So obviously, we had a great time :) Thank you Jesus!

The show was hilarious and the weather just right. We went to our 2 favorite stores: Fry's Electronics and Nordstrom. Ate at our favorite sub shop: Jimmy John's. I caved and bought a pair of Tom's. (I feel like such hypocrite! You put sparkles on anything and I will probably buy it.) The theater was gorgeous and full of laughs. A blessed weekend for sure!

It was a quick trip and there are friends and family we wish we would have had the time to meet up with, but next time we will make sure to! Please, forgive us :)

'Til next time Seatown!

Here are a couple photos we snapped this weekend:

Inside the beautiful Paramount Theater.

Uh Oh...Doh!

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