Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catching Up With The Atkins

Currently, we are busy turning our basement into a home theater! I gave Jeremiah the go-ahead to buy the projector he has been pining after for months and told him Merry Christmas and Happy Valentine's Day! So next up came cleaning, building a screen, and moving furniture into the basement. We're not done yet... but hopefully in the next couple weeks we will have our first movie night down there!

We are also dealing with the health issue of a possible of Interstitial Cystitis diagnosis for me. IC is an inflammation of the bladder that can cause ulcers or wearing away of the lining of the bladder. Yes, it is as uncomfortable as it sounds. But I am leaning on Jesus to guide me,  heal me, and be my strength during this rough time. I have good days and bad days and am thankful for all the prayers and encouragement from those around me and CANNOT wait to feel better. I know Jesus has a better plan than this for my life and I will trust in that with all I have!

Finally, we gearing up for our first trip of the year to Seattle on the 28th to see Anjelah Johnson (a.k.a. Bon Qui Qui) at the Paramount Theater. Please pray I will be feeling well enough to go and enjoy this time me and the hubby have together. I have really been looking forward to this.

Well, that's what we are up to at the moment. Prayers are appreciated and I know our God is a BIG God who loves to show His love and power. Despite the struggles, we have already been so blessed in 2012 and couldn't ask for more!

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