Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holly's Baby Sprinkle

Every baby deserves a celebration! That's why I threw my sister and baby #3, Samson, a "Baby Sprinkle." Although my sister didn't register, want gifts, or want to seem like she was asking for gifts, auntie had to throw a celebration! And c'mon, all babies need new clothes and of course, lots of diapers! My nephew, and older brother Eli, was a winter baby and Sam is due in August so they can't really share clothes anyway. This "Sprinkle" entailed a raffle for anyone who brought diapers and no cheesy or cliche games. Just fellowship and fun.

My sister is the most beautiful girl pregnant or not and has a heart of gold! She is a wonderful mommy and sister and I wanted a day full of friends, laughs, food, and fun to celebrate her and baby #3! Here are some of my favorite pics from Holly's "Sprinkle":


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