Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Day Harper

My niece loves the song "Happy Birthday." For weeks she had been singing, "Happy Day, Harper" and we kept telling her that her "happy day" was indeed coming up. Although, she didn't believe it at the time and I think by some of the pics you can tell she was a bit surprised that it really was her "happy day" and we weren't joking. To celebrate my sister threw a beautiful flower themed party that any birthday girl would love :)

Harper Josephine turned 2 this year and I can't believe that little baby girl I used to hold and think about shopping and painting nails with is already doing those things with me. I am sure blessed by this girl everytime I see her! She is the sweetest, most beautiful, funniest, and smartest little princess ever! I love you and Happy Day Harper :)

The birthday girl.

Posing for Aunt Mimi.

Aunt Mimi always brings a crown. She loves it. I promise ;) She is just confused as to what is going.

Loves her balloon!

Time to sing her favorite tune!

Can't forget about the boys. They got a little something special too!
Adorable decor on the tables.

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