Monday, July 19, 2010


Things I've been told the last couple weeks: 

- I'm too white and need a tan - multiple times... and p.s. I am as tan as I can get for now
- I'm too opinionated
- I'm too rich, I'm too poor
- I don't know what I'm talking about in regards to children
- I have too much sympathy for people who don't deserve it
- Don't have enough sympathy for others
- Need a better job
- Need to have kids
- Am getting too old
- That I was forgot about or an after thought - oops, sorry
- That my house is too small
- That my house is too hot
- That I need to stay living in said house til I pay it off, however
- That I don't know how to keep my home
- That petty things bother me
- How could I not know someone was joking
- Why do I look so angry - Really? I was typing a happy email to my mom
- That I don't know how to cook or eat properly

Most of these things, in isolation, don't bother me, but it seems I am getting them all at once lately. Now I can handle constructive criticism just about as good as the next guy, but man am I feeling just criticized lately. Whether or not people are joking or mean well, it hurts my feelings. Maybe you think I'm being overly sensitive, but I can't help my initial feelings about these things. I know we all get this from people from time to time, but doesn't it suck?! What do you all do about the "haters"...

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  1. Mimi! You are a great woman an Im prou to call you my sister! My kids couldnt have a better aunt and I think fools are, well, fools!! haha! Im sorry if Ive made you feel bad about anything! I think I have probable contributed to at least the kids thing! eek! you take your time lady! whenever you have peace about it, all things in Gods will will work out for you and jeremiah. I love you! Keep on truckin!