Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dream Job?

I really want to work for a school district. However, I do not want to be a teacher stuck in a classroom all day for little pay. If I am going to make a meager living, I want to have an enjoyable or at least easy job. There are some positions I qualify for, that pay decent, that I think I would like and I am not against some of those secretary positions I see either. I know they don't pay as well, but holidays and summers off are benefits no other job can offer! Even the other benefits a school district offers aren't bad and would make up for the lack of pay. And if I wanted a little extra cash, I could always get a part time summer job or work harder on my photography or cake decorating dreams.Sounds too ideal, huh? But I can try!

I do have to say I feel very lucky because I had the chance to work with children, counsel people, and use my degree. However, I quickly realized this was not for me. I have a big heart for people, but am not comfortable with counseling. I love psychology and am always interested in the brain/body/behavior connection and would enjoy doing something like neuro-psychology, but going to back to school doesn't seem like an option. First off, there are no degrees I want where I live, it would be expensive to go anywhere else, and would require a lot more schooling. Not sure about all these things... but you never know.

In my current job, I do look for better opportunities, but I just can't see myself enjoying this type of work and not using my degree forever. I figure, if you're not content with your job, why waste your time? We spend a majority of our day at work, so why not have fun or get some sort of benefit from it? There are other/better opportunities out there... it may take some time to find one, but I would rather do something I am passionate about doing or at least something that fits my lifesyle. Working for a school district would allow me to have more time to pursue my passions, seems kinda fun (kids around, but not my main responsibility), I could use some of my skills in psychology and administration (depending on the position), get great benefits, and may be a good schedule for having a family one day. I am sure there are many down sides, like any job, but it seems the pros may outweigh the cons. I hope so and I hope God has someting like this open up for me!

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