Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miracle 2010

Back in March the hubs and I took a trip to Disneyworld and then I accompanied him on to South Carolina, for a few days, where he was set up for a business trip. Of course, I took my favorite J Crew flip flops with me! Now, these flip flops have a thicker sole and are a little bulkier than most, so upon leaving said trip, I had to leave a couple items behind for the hubs to bring back with him (since somehow I was returning home with more than I originally brought on the trip). Now, I was sure I would not have left the J Crews behind for the hubby to bring back... too risky. But once we were both home, and the nice spring weather beckoned flip flops, I went to break those babies out and they were no where to be found. I scoured my house, had my mom and sister scour their homes, and double checked all my luggage. Nada. I was really beginning to worry I left them behind, but since it was now a month later (our spring was a late starter) I didn't want to call the hotel and sound stupid for not noticing earlier. Anyway, I was certain if I did leave them behind someone surely would have taken such cute flip flops and there was probably a house keeper somewhere walking tall sporting my shoes! So, I gave up and bought a new pair from Victoria's Secret, but inside I continued to mourn the loss of my beloved J Crews. Skipping ahead to July 29, 2010.... I am upstairs packing for our trip to Hawaii when I pull open the front zipper pocket on my suitcase, and lo and behold, a little navy blue sole peeks out me! My heart was over joyed, my eyes could not believe what they saw! I know I checked and re-checked that suitcase! But I was not going to question this miracle... I was just happy to have them back! So, I called my hubby, followed by everyone else I know, and recounted this wonderful tale! Ah... off to Hawaii with my old friends in tow! Aloha!

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