Thursday, May 23, 2013

Braving the dreaded 'No Bathrooms' on the Pendleton Underground Tour Comes To Life

Well, IC ladies... I did it. I went somewhere and did something that specifically said "no bathrooms on tour" and the tour was approximately two hours.

There is an underground tour in a city about 1.5 hours away from where I live and once a year they do a live interactive version that I heard was fantastic. My mom had been wanting to go so for Mother's Day I bought us tickets. While there are bathrooms at the gift shop, there are none underground for public use. Which as you know, even the thought can make us panic. I did make sure to go a few times before our tour started and although I was definitely stressing a little, did not want to let the IC be in control. So I did it anyway. I was prepared to need to leave the tour early, but ended up never having to. I relaxed a bit and was distracted enough I made it through. If I could have celebrated with a drink I sure would have! ;)

Some tips if you ever encounter something like this: choose carefully what you have for breakfast and what you drink, take your meds, and be prepared to do whatever necessary to take care of yourself. Being kind and explaining the situation to the others, if need be, is always an option! Even if you tried and things didn't work out exactly as you hoped, I'd say that is a success! You learn and get stronger through each experience. So good for you!

Another thing, try not to stress or take things too seriously. Yes, IC is uncomfortable and a pain in the uh... lower regions, but if you can laugh at the situation and just do what ya gotta do, life will be easier and others may not even notice or be bothered by it. And if they are, time to get new people in your life. 

So celebrate those IC successes and attempts. No matter how small! And share them with the IC community.  I know they inspire me and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

X, A!

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