Saturday, September 3, 2011

Try This!

Arnold Palmer 1/2 Tea 1/2 Lemonade is my favorite over-sized canned beverage. A co-worker had this drink at lunch about a year ago and raved about it so I tried it and have been buying it since. Refreshing, sweet, and what a fun name!

Strap Perfect - My grandma bought me these a few years ago and I wasn't sure if I would really use them. I had some of those fancy bras that the straps can go any which way you need. However, I was always fighting with them to stay in place and stay up! I don't have much to keep them where they need to be. Well, I decided to try one of these one day with a racerback top and a regular bra and was rather impressed. Not only did my bra stay up and the straps in place, my top half looked a little, um... well, let's just say happier ;) I always wear these now instead of messing with hooking, unhooking, and falling down bras. They're so easy to use and poor Jeremiah even knows how to use the things, thanks to me constantly asking him to fix my straps.                                                          

Darigold Refuel Milk - Jeremiah and I rode our bikes to Safeway the other night and were picking up some beverages for the ride home and spotted this chocolate milk beverage. We are chocolate milk connoisseurs and so we had to try it. It contains extra vitamins and protein. There is even a PB Chocolate flavor we have yet to try. Anyway, we both enjoyed this treat! It didn't taste weird and vitamin-y like I was worried it might with the extra protein in it. This is one of my new favorite chocolate milks. Creamy and tasty, but not super thick and sweet like some brands.

Talenti Gelato in Sea Salt Caramel. My sister bought it and told me how good it was and she was not lying!  Fred Meyer sells it.Get it! Enough said!

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