Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam!

My nephew Samson Luke was finally born on August 22nd after a long wait. You see, my sister had my niece and nephew at 36 and 37 weeks, respectively, and the doctor did not think she would go past that with this pregnancy. At her last few appointments he kept telling her the baby was so low and since she was dilated a few centimeters he didn't expect her to make it to her next appointment. Well, she did. She made it to week 39. We went walking, bounced her on an exercise ball, and did everything we could think of to put her into labor. But apparently baby Sam was comfy and cozy in there and her water bag was like "leather," as the doctor put it, when he broke it! Ouch!

Anyway, her doctor put her on the schedule to be induced on 8/20, but told her to start calling the hospital on 8/18 to try and get in early since he was on call. However, the hospital was full and short staffed so she had to wait even longer. I cannot tell you how frazzled, excited, and anxious we all were! We had never had to wait this long. I do not know how my sister did it. But she did and on that warm, summery August morning the hospital told her they could get her in at 9am. She progressed fast and by 3:30 we had a baby! Yay!

My mom and I had my niece and nephew all day and took them to get balloons and flowers to welcome their new baby brother. They loved him so much! They immediately wanted to hold him or "it" as Harper calls him. It was such an exciting day and a great way to top off the Summer.

If you have seen my niece and nephew you know they are blond, blue eyed, and beautiful! Well Sam fits the bill... but has brown hair! And lots of it! So funny compared to the bald heads Eli and Harper had! Sam has more hair than these 2 did at a year! His hair is beautiful and he looks just like big brother E!

I love him so much! All 3 of these kids are such blessings and I am such a proud auntie. I can't even put into words how much love I have for these kids and how much joy they bring into our lives! August 22, 2011 is another day that I will hold dearly in my heart forever and thank God for.

 Welcome to this big, crazy world Sam :)

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