Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Is How Imma Do

Lately, my biggest stumbling block to doing the things I love has been motivation. This dreary cold makes me want to do nothing after work and house chores but hibernate. However, I realize I feel much happier and more confident when I am creating and meeting goals I set for myself. Seeing progress and growth in the things I enjoy doing is motivating in and of itself and is the only way to get better at doing the things I love. Therefore, I am going to start working on 2 projects and blog about them.

The first is to benefit my photography. I am going to start taking a picture of the week or "POW" to improve my skills and get more creative. I have a friend (check out who started taking a picture of the day when she lived in China and now that she is back in the states is still going strong! I have seen what it has done for her photography and am going to do my own take on this idea. Although, I am doing a much less ambitious version and plan on taking only 1 picture a week, I hope to grow into a better photographer and find my "style". Thanks for the great idea Bess!

The next project I am taking on is a recipe of the month! I think I will call it "NOM". As in "nummy of the month" and a play on "nom nom". Okay, okay... I'll keep thinking. If you know me well, you know I L-O-V-E baking! I follow recipe bloggers, buy cooking magazines, and have more cookbooks than I can keep up with. I always read posts from recipe bloggers and think, "I could totally do that and make it better!" So, here is my attempt! I am going to try and create some original recipes and also share some classics and family favorites - maybe with some slight tweaks! But don't worry, I wont be selfish. I will post pics and recipes - and maybe some of you will even get to taste test my recipes :-)

While, I do post pictures and recipes from time to time on my blog, I think setting a public goal to do this more often will give me some much needed motivation to do the things I love more and miss doing.  It will also help turn these things into something more than just a personal hobby. I hope people will enjoy looking at my images and want to try out my recipes! If you have advice to give me, please feel free to leave me a comment! I can't wait to get started and am actually a little nervous... Here I go!

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